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4 New Ways To Delight Your Viewers

We believe that the details make the big picture. So, the new StreamingVideoProvider update is focused on the little things that make your viewers say “Wow! They really thought about everything!” Check out the 4 new improvements we've made to StreamingVideoPorivider's online video platform.
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The Best Way To Sell Videos On YouTube And Make $$$

Maybe you have been posting on YouTube for a while, you’ve built a following and now you’re starting to think about monetizing your YouTube video channel. Or maybe you’re completely new to this online business thing but you want to know what’s in store for you anyway.....
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Private Video Sharing - All of Your Questions Answered

It’s easy to see why private video streaming is one of the most efficient ways to communicate with a select group of people. (Conducting private live streams is becoming more popular for live events, too.) But until recently, it wasn’t an easy thing to do.....
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Introducing our new HTML5 Player

Today, we are excited to announce the launch of our super fast and much better performing HTML5 Video Player. The old Flash Player is now used as a fallback on old browsers and devices only. Read this article to find out more about it.

Secured and Encrypted HLS Video Delivery For Your Videos and Live Broadcasts

Here at StreamingVideoProvider we are always striving to find better and more secure ways for you to stream and protect your videos.

We have just launched Encrypted HLS Delivery Method that is using 128bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) that you can use to stream your Videos and Live Broadcasts. This protects you against unwanted and illegal download attempts with sniffing tools and video downloaders such as Internet Download Manager, Replay Media Catcher, FlashGet Downloaded etc. Giving you great peace of mind that your videos are secured using the latest protection technologies.

Benefits for AES Encrypted HLS Video Playback:
- Strong Security
- Blocks Downloaders
- Blocks Network Traffic Sniffing Tools
- Blocks Hotlinking by 3rd Party Players and Devices

Add Videos and Live Event Streams to your WordPress

Getting Started - When WordPress is installed on your own server

Publishing a Pay-Per-View video to WordPress with the 'Raw HTML' plugin:
1. To start please login to your StreamingVideoProvider account and upload your video that you wish to publish.
2. Once uploaded, simply locate the video you wish to use and click on the 'Publish' button positioned on the right hand side next to the video name.
3. In the publishing settings click on the 'Embedded' tab.
4. Once you have chosen your desired settings scroll down and click on the 'Generate Code & Preview Player' button. This will generate the player link which you will need to copy.
5. With the embed code copied, open your WordPress Administration Dashboard > Plugins > Add New.
6. In the plugin section search for the 'Raw HTML' plugin and click on 'Install Now'.
7. Once you have install the Raw HTML plugin simply create a new page or post and give it a name.
8. In the Post write [raw]  [/raw]. Now copy the embed code form the StreamingVideoProvider Publishing panel and paste it between [raw]  [/raw].
9. Publish the post and enjoy your video.

IP RTSP Cameras Cloud Recording

You can now enable cloud recording for your IP Cameras, so you and your users will never miss important moment again. You don’t have to worry about installing local recording servers or buying expensive NVR for your IP cameras.

The old traditional way is now replaced by Cloud based IP Cams; This new and better way opens many new opportunities from enabling large numbers of online viewers to see your publicly installed cameras in points of interests including sightseeing locations or you can use it to monitor and record your home & retail store, point of sale counter, office employees or creating your very own big brother style home and stream it to the world. The possibilities are endless with the StreamingVideoProvider Cloud IP Camera platform.

Features At Glance:
- Full control over who can see your IP Cameras - public and private access including Password Protection, Geo, IP and Domain Name restrictions
- Ability to monetize them by offering Pay-Per-View
- Built-In detailed analytics including Google Analytics integration
- Easy to install - All you need is your IP RTSP Cams and an internet connection
- Affordable - No need to purchase expensive on-premise servers, encoders or NVRs

New API Library for RTSP IP Camera Streaming

StreamingVideoProvider has added support for RTSP Provisioning and Post RTSP Management in its API.

New API calls for RTSP IP Cameras include:

41 . svp_create_rtsp
40 . svp_broadcast_attach_resource
21 . svp_start_broadcast
22 . svp_stop_broadcast
42 . svp_edit_rtsp
44 . svp_list_rtsp
43 . svp_remove_rtsp

Please refer to the API Documentation for more details on the above services.
API Documentation

See How Popular Your Events Are With Concurrent Viewers Counter

StreamingVideoProvider has just added a new Concurrent Viewers Counter for Live Event Streams and VoD videos. The new active viewer counter is visible from your Broadcast Panel in the Local Preview Player at all times. Giving you insights about the amount of viewers watching your live event.

Multi-Bitrate Quality Controls In The Video Player

StreamingVideoProvider has added Multi-Bitrate Quality controls In The Video Player Now when sending a Multi-Bitrate stream your viewers will be able to see the current quality indicated by HD and SD in the player. Clicking on the icon will show you all the currently available streams and qualities and you can select your preferred stream to switch manually to your desired quality.

Player MBS Benefits:
- Automatic mode dynamically selects best quality stream for users internet connection speed.
- Manual selection of available speeds
- Current Quality readout on player in form of HD and SD

Introducing Live Chat version 2.0 with Enhanced Features

We've given the Live Chat tool within StreamingVideoProvider a major overhaul!

List of new features :

- Admin can now clear all chat messages

- Users can start private chats

- Support of Emoticons

- Live counter of concurrent chat users

- Users status online /offline support and system notifications when user is back online

Clearing all chat messages:
Now, you can reset the entire chat history without having to create a new live player or deleting messages one by one.

Log in to your StreamingVideoProvider panel and click on the Broadcast Now button located on the right hand side next to the live player you wish to use. In the Broadcast panel simply log in to the live chat with your chosen username. This will give you administration powers. Now simply click on the Settings button and choose Clear History to delete all messages in your chat.

1. Click Broadcast Now
2. Enter Name in live chat to become admin
3. Click Settings and choose Clear History

Starting a private chat:
We also added the ability to send private messages between chat users. this will open a separate private chat to communicate on a personal level. Users can switch between The public chat and private chats via tabs at the top of the chat system.

After joining the live chat in your website, simply click on the username you wish to chat privately to. This will open a menu, here choose Open Private Chat and your personal chat will open in a new tab. You can switch between your private chats and the public chat by selecting the appropriate chat tab.

1. Enter Chat
2. Click on username to display options
3. Select Open Private Chat option
4. Switch between private chats and public chats by selecting the appropriate tab

New H.264 Webcam App that Lets You Go Live Easily

We're happy to announce our new Webcam 2.0 applet that lets you start a live event stream directly from the broadcast panel with your webcam and mic, without a need to install any third party broadcasting applications. The new Webcam broadcasting applet now supports H.264 allowing you to stream better quality with less bandwidth. We also added some amazing in stream capabilities such as being able to change the quality, volume and source whilst streaming without having to restart your broadcast.

Webcam 2.0 Live Streaming Features:
Change Settings whilst broadcasting without restarting:

- Resolution
- Quality
- Video Source
- Volume
- Audio Source
- Aspect Ratio

Multi-bitrate Streaming, New CDN Delivery Points, Improved Recordings and much more...

StreamingVideoProvider is happy to announce some new major improvements to our live streaming video services, giving you greater flexibility and highly advanced live broadcasting tools.

Our major update includes:

- Multi Bitrate HLS Streaming for Live Event Broadcasts - Read more »

- New Cast Entry Points Servers which allow you to broadcast your RTMP stream to closer servers. Closer servers mean faster and more reliable transmissions for you as broadcaster and better experience for your viewers.


1. Primary server needs to be updated to: rtmp:// (You may have to stop, update and start the encoder again if you are currently broadcasting live)

2. Make sure the backup server is blank ( remove any backup server if you are currently using any as these are not required anymore)

3. Make sure the video codec is set to H264

4. Make sure the audio codec is either AAC or MP3 AND audio sample rate is 44100 or 48000

- More High-Speed Edge servers in US, EU and APAC for even faster and better delivery to your viewers.

- Greatly Improved Recordings feature.

- Faster loading on the WebTV Linear Streaming.

- Instant Response When Starting & Stopping Your Broadcasts

- General Fixes and Improvements throughout the video platform

Custom SMTP Email Settings for Pay-Per-View Emails

StreamingVideoProvider now gives you the ability to send the "Thank You" email that your clients get after a PayPerView purchase directly from your own email address.

1. To send the emails directly from your own email address please go to "Static Pages".
2. Then select "Thank You Email Setup".
3. Now select the "Custom SMTP Settings" radio button and click on the SMTP button to start the setup.
4. You will be presented with the SMTP email server settings that have to be filled in. These are Server URL, Server Port, Username and password.
5. Once completed simply click on the "Check Connection" button to verify that your email settings are working.

IP RTSP Cameras Live Video Streaming

You can now stream live your H.264 IP Cameras that use the RTSP streaming protocol. This gives you the ability embed live video player on your website or Facebook/Twitter pages and stream your IP Cams to many viewers at the same time.

Our video platform threats the IP Cams just as if it was a normal live streaming so all features the platform offers are also available, such as Pay-Per-View Monetization, Password Protection, Domain Restrictions, IP Restrictions and Geo Restrictions. Opening a whole new world of possibilities to RTSP IP Camera users.

EzeCaster Mobile App

EzeCaster Mobile puts everything you need to broadcast your live events from any location right at your fingertips. Thanks to 3G, 4G and Wireless connection support, your viewers will never miss a moment.

Features Include:
- Live Streaming from your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.
- Creating and managing Live Event Players.
- Uploading recorded videos directly from your mobile device.
- Managing all your On Demand videos in your library.

The EzeCaster Mobile application is normally available from the Business+ service plan and above.

As a special thank you to our existing and new customers, to celebrate the release of the EzeCaster Mobile, all users who are currently on our Business plan will be able to use the App.

SoHo, Soho+ and Trial users have the opportunity to use the app as part of the Business plan if upgraded by the 8th of January 2014.

See our EzeCaster Mobile Information page:

Download Free from the Apple App Store Now !

New Broadcast Panel with Recordings, Slides & Live Chat

You can now stream live your H264 IP Cameras that use the RTSP streaming protocol. This gives you the ability embed live video player on your website or Facebook/Twitter page and stream your IP Cams to many viewers at the same time.

Our video platform threats the IP Cams just as if it was a normal live streaming so all features the platform offers are also available, such as Pay-Per-View Monetization, Password Protection, Domain Restrictions, IP Restrictions and Geo Restrictions. Opening a whole new world of possibilities to RTSP IP Camera users.

Live Chat Feature For Your Live Broadcasts

StreamingVideoProvider has just released a Live Chat feature. Live Chat allows you to chat and interact with your Live Event viewers. Opening great interaction possibilities and increasing engagement of your viewers.

Advanced External Uploader with Custom Form Data Collection

StreamingVideoProvider has just released a new Advanced External Uploader with Custom Form Data Collection.

The new External Uploader is embeddable on your site and allows your viewers to fill in a custom form. The collected information will be attached to the video uploads.

Click on the image below to find out more about the external uploader.

IP Based Video Access Restrictions

StreamingVideoProvider has just released IP Restrictions for your Videos.

By using IP restrictions you can restrict the access to your videos and video applications and allow viewers only from trusted IPs.

Geo-Blocking Video Access Restrictions

StreamingVideoProvider has just released Geo-Blocking Video Restrictions

By using Geo blocking video filtering you can restrict access to your content for viewers in specific countries or regions.

Integrate Google Analytics with your StreamingVideoProvider account

StreamingVideoProvider has just released integration with Google Analytics.

By integrating your Google Analytics account you will be able to track the total number of plays across all your videos during a chosen time frame and you also have the ability to see individual play counts, technology information, traffic sources and visitor information.

Facebook and Twitter Video Publishing Made Easy

We are very excited to announce the launch of our new easy to use Facebook & Twitter publishing feature that allows you to publish your video content (live broadcasts and video on demand) straight from your StreamingVideoProvider user panel onto your Facebook Wall or Twitter status page.

Daily & Weekly Video Scheduling

We are delighted to announce the latest new feature(s) that is now available in our user's control panels - Daily & Weekly Scheduling

2011 Online Video Predictions from StreamingVideoProvider

I have been watching this business grow over the last five years and I think that the year 2010 was a hallmark year for the online video market, as the space grew into a Godzilla or should I say, Videozilla!?

Based on my experience, I know for sure that this trend will continue into the coming year, too.

Affiliate marketing –where everyone gets a share of the pie

For Internet Service Providers, the greatest challenge is to constantly reinvent their skills to catch up with the latest technologies. No sooner have they mastered their skills in one area, that another one emerges. Making this even tougher for these service providers is the fact that customers these days are truly knowledgeable and up-to-date on technology facts.

Why VaaS?

Vaas is not the name of the new UFO spotted in the Arctic sky. VaaS or `Video as a Service’ is a byname of the original – `Software as a Service’.

Why would you bother with VaaS?

Well, because you are probably going to hear a lot about it in the near future. The world of online videos is taking off big time and the sooner we accept it, the better use we can make of it.

How to Embed Videos into a Website

Thanks to YouTube, Google Video and other video-sharing sites, adding a video to a website is now very easy. All that one needs to do is to embed code from a video found on any video-sharing site in one’s own website and have a video enabled website.. It is equally easy to find a piece of content which is relevant to a website and which might be of interest to visitors, generate the code, add it to the site and enable videos

Will anyone pay for my online videos?

In a world where song downloads are available for free, iTunes Store is an iconic name that will always be remembered as the service that spawned the legal music download industry. Within 18 hours after the service first went live, it sold approximately 275,000 tracks! Today, the iTunes Store is the second largest seller of digital music in the U.S. and has sold over 4 billion songs.