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Video Cloud Storage for Business: Top 7 Platforms

We’re well on our way through 2024, and the popularity of online video content only continues to grow. The thing is, video adds a lot of bytes to a data file and even more so when it's a high-quality live video.

Video Cloud Storage

Email providers offer limited storage space, but this isn’t enough to store and share HD videos. The other option is to store videos on a hard drive.

But you don't want to lose your business videos due to a virus or hard drive failure. You want to store this content in a secure space where you can do fast uploads and downloads.

Sure, you can store it on your google cloud. But this option hardly offers the advanced video hosting features you need.

If any of this resonates with you, video cloud storage is the solution you're looking for.

How to choose a video cloud solution?

Here are some key features to look for in private cloud storage for business:

  • Enhanced security features (Ideally 2FA).
  • Customizable players that let you change the visual interface to fit your brand image.
  • Adequate upload and storage limits that will allow you to store HD content.
  • Cloud recording capability for live streams.
  • Real-time analytics data that show who's watching the content, when, and where.

The Best Video Cloud Storage Platforms for Business

Video Hosting

Streaming Video Provider

Brightcove Video Cloud




Hippo Video

IBM Cloud Video

Live Video Streaming


Video Encryption

Security & Privacy

Domain, IP, Geo Restriction + 2FA

HLSe Encryption & DRM

IP & Domain Restriction

SSL/TLS, Access Codes 2FA*

Basic / SSL

Basic / SSL

FIPS 140-2 Level 4 + 2FA

Two Factor Authentication


Cloud Recording

Password Protection


Embed on a Website


Real-Time Video Analytics

Maximum File Size








Custom Branding


From $39 monthly

(Trial Available)

Upon Request

(Trial Available)

From $30 monthly

(Trial Available)

From $15 monthly

(Free Basic Account)

From $99 monthly

(Free Basic Account)

From $15 monthly

(Free Basic Account)

From $99.00 monthly

(Trial Available)

*Handled via third-party tools

** Recently added according to support


Video Storage

StreamingVideoProvider offers a complete solution. It's scalable, versatile, and caters to all your video hosting and live streaming needs.

When it comes to live streaming, you can pre-sell tickets to your live events and record the event for later viewing with the Cloud Recording technology. Built on top of a global video CDN, StreamingVideoProvider enables you to stream to anywhere in the world — even in Mainland China.

As to video hosting, there is no job too big or file size too large when it comes to the service offered here. All major video formats are supported. The videos are transcoded automatically, meaning that you don’t have to convert them before uploading. And the storage options extend up to 600GB.

Whether you want to add your custom branding to your player or simply add your logo, StreamingVideoProvider can do it. With the tools available here, you can design the video player to fit into your brand and offer a seamless experience to the user.

At the same time, the adaptive bitrate streaming technology makes sure that your video will play smoothly even on bad internet connections.

And, when it comes to monetizing your live streams, you have a wealth of options, too. You can use Pay-Per-View to charge for one-time live events or video subscriptions to create a streaming video website like Netflix.

You can rest assured that your content is safe with a selection of customizable privacy and security features. StreamingVideoProvider offers video encryption at rest and in transit, IP and Geo restriction options, 2-factor authentication 2FA, password protection and many other tools for private live streaming and secure video sharing.

Finally, the Deep Video Analytics show you important details about the demographics and behaviour of your audience.

Packages start at a very competitive and affordable price of $39/mo (billed monthly).

Brightcove Video Cloud

Online Video Storage

With a flexible HTML 5 player, this platform offers a solution that allows you to stream videos to different devices. They also boast support for 360 video, live streaming, and cloud recording features. And there are no file-size limits for individual file uploads.

Cloud recording allows you to repurpose your stream for VoD. You can edit the content to make it suitable for other platforms or promotions. So it’s great to see the feature supported here.

Brightcove has many security and rights management options in place. You can ensure that your content only reaches your intended audience with digital rights management (DRM). But there is no sign of 2FA which may be a concern in case you want to keep your content as secure as possible.

This video cloud solution offers the ability to monetize videos, too. Real-time analytics shows demographic info, how much content is being consumed, and on which devices. You can customize your player with access to many plugins and make things look exactly the way you want them.

Pricing is available upon request based on your requirements.


Best Cloud Storage For Videos

Cincopa also offers a customizable HTML 5 player supporting 4K video content. Enabling you to display video in ultra HD. Same as with the competition, you can theme your player to match your brand and preferred look. From a quick and simple screencast or webcam recording to full live stream support, Cincopa offers solutions that scale without being too complicated. It's ideal for users that are looking for a user-friendly solution.

You also have access to analytics and heatmap data and automated campaign integration. This is a nifty feature for marketers.

Security and privacy options are available with IP and access restrictions. But it lacks 2FA which seems like a missed opportunity that would have made things even more secure. Files have a 5GB limit and pricing starts from $30/mo (billed monthly).


Video Cloud

Offering a responsive and customizable player, Vidyard is another great option if you want a safe and secure space to host your videos and have access to many different devices and platforms. You have options to set up access codes to secure your content. If you want to expand your security options, you can integrate it with third-party tools.

Vidyard also offers support for 4K and 360-video with a file-size limit of 16GB. This allows you to upload HD or longer videos.

One drawback until recently was their lack of live streaming support. This is no longer a problem as live streaming is now available. So you can use Vidyard to broadcast content live or provide VODs.

Packages start from $15/mo (billed annually) and scale upwards depending on the features you need.


Cloud Recording

Offering adaptive streaming, Wistia is a great option for your video hosting needs. They have an 8GB file-size limit and the adaptive streaming depends on connectivity.

The service offers many useful features including a responsive video player. The video player is customizable and you can add relevant advertisements to monetize your videos.

You'll find analytics functions here with features such as heatmaps, engagement graphics, and much more. It's all presented in a great-looking intuitive UI that can generate reports.

Packages start from $99/mo (billed monthly or annually) for the Pro package. A definite drawback is the lack of live live streaming support and advanced privacy and security options.

Despite this being the case, Wistia still has enough positive features to warrant an easy recommendation. If you're in the market for a customizable video hosting solution only, this will work for you.

Hippo Video

Best Video Cloud Service

Although Hippo doesn’t support live streaming from the cloud, it's a user-friendly hosting solution. Hippo Video offers a function to create video via screen and mic capture. It's ideal if you're not tech-savvy and only need a fast way to put videos together.

The service offers an automated feature that scales the playback quality based on connection speed. You can add subtitles and the size limit on uploads is 2GB. This may be a problem if you want to import large files.

Pricing starts at $15/mo (billed annually) with other packages offers more features.

IBM Cloud Video

Cloud Live Video Streaming

IBM Cloud Video offers a huge set of features ranging from live streaming to video monetization. And there's no limit to the upload size for your files. You have full control over video access limits and privacy settings. This will ensure that your videos are as secure as possible and seen only by the right people.

With IBM you get customizable video players and HD broadcasting (up to 720p) with varying bitrate QoS features. There's also cloud video encoding for optimal playback depending on the connection speed of the device. You can save live streams to view later or rework and redistribute them to other networks or campaigns.

The upper end of IBM’s offering allows for a huge 5TB of storage but that also comes with a huge price tag. Packages start from $99/mo (billed monthly). This is a little on the pricey side when compared to the competition.

Honorable Mention: pCloud

Cloud Video Encoding

If you only need a solution for video cloud storage or sharing video via a link, pCloud is worth mentioning. It may not be as feature-rich as some of the other services here, but it does what it does well.

When sharing files uploaded to pCloud, your audience doesn’t even need to sign up for an account. You can share your link with them without any hassle.

pCloud allows you to add a password and expiry date to the file and supports TLS/SSL encryption.

Online video storage options vary depending on the package but pCloud offers up to 2TB of storage. An iOS and Android app make it even easier to use the service and gain access to your files. Open and share your videos any time, even when you are on the move.

Pricing options start at $47.88 (annual payment). It's a cost-effective but safe solution to share files and have a reasonable amount of storage space available.


In the end, finding the best cloud storage for videos depends on the features you need for your business. Aside from value for money you need to consider how secure the solution is without sacrificing accessibility and ease of use.

You need to be sure that the platform is scalable and caters to many possible usage scenarios. This will benefit you in the future when you will probably need monetization and extensive video privacy customization.

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