Simulated Live Video Scheduler

Schedule pre-recorded videos and stream them "live" on your site or social media.

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Upload any media, any way

Upload any audio or video file from your computer

Import media from another website or from FTP/HTTP servers

Let users upload their own files


Own your schedule

Broadcast a single video or a playlist

Create a full month of scheduled videos or broadcast at specific days and times

Create a 24/7 online WebTV channel if you like


Stream and restream with ease

Set the playout order manually or with our smart rules

Broadcast your videos to multiple sites with a few mouse clicks


Embed Or Share With A Click

That’s all it takes to embed your live Web TV channel on your site!

Share directly to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, in private messages or anywhere you like


Schedule Your Content Now

Try all features for 15 days. No contract. No credit card needed.

Broadcast On Auto-Pilot

Go live without fail

Our powerful CDN will deliver your videos in real time anywhere in the world (even Mainland China)

Schedule in advance

Prepare your content months in advance and free up time to work on other projects

Choose your audience

Reach anyone, anywhere in the world or just a specific private network like your corporate offices

TV Guide

Your schedule is laid out in a clear, easy-to-navigate table where viewers can see what’s next, together with start and end times.

The simulated live scheduler automatically creates a tv guide

Monetize Your Content

Quick setup

Just pick a price & payment gateway

Instant payout

We don’t hold your money

No commissions

You keep 100% of the revenue

Protect Your Live Content

Video Privacy and Protection Against Piracy

No Screen Recording

Display the viewer’s details at random spots in the video stream

Prevent screen recording with dynamic watermarking

No Video Sniffing

Enable video encryption to protect your stream while it’s traveling on the web

Prevent ppv ticket sharing with 2-fa

No Account Sharing

Protect paid and private TV channels with Two-Factor Authentication

Build A Community With Live Chat

Public channels -

Engage your audience in real time.

Private chat -

Communicate personally with each viewer if you want.

Interactive -

Post polls, organize Q&A sessions, and more.

Live Chat Widget with simulated live VOD streaming

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As many as you want! There are no restrictions to the number of media assets you can add to your live channel playlist.

Yes, you can have unlimited live online TV channels. You can also set up unlimited YouTube-like or Netflix-like channels (video on demand).

You can configure your own pre-, mid- and post-roll ads with VAST and VPAID.

Yes, in addition to smartphones, tablets and desktop computers, StreamingVideoProvider supports smart TVs, too. You can broadcast your live TV channel on any smart TV using our API.

Yes, all you have to do is copy and paste the URL.

Yes, there is a Team Management feature (coming soon) that will provide different access levels and rights for you and for your team. This means that, for example, your editor can upload content for your approval and you can approve it.

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