White-Label Streaming Video Partners

Launch your own white-label video streaming platform and become streaming video service provider yourself.

The video streaming market is booming like never before (expected to touch $12 Billion by 2014) with consumer adoption of broadband creating unique opportunities for uploading and monetizing rich media content.

Having completely revolutionized the online video platform's concept we are the world's first company to offer online video platforms (OVP) that any partner can immediately embed in their own website and start generating revenue.

Benefits & Features

The ways your business can benefit from our platform

Benefits for your business

  • Up to 30% discount on our service plans and add-on features.
  • No monthly overheads! No setup fees !
  • No need to purchase any hardware or invest in any development.
  • No restrictions! Choose your own profit margins and initial setup fees.
  • Generate a steady monthly income from your clients.
  • Save time & money - Fully automated video platform.
  • Expand your current offerings & add value to your business.

Benefits for your clients

  • Self video publishing via their own video control panels.
  • Easy to use video uploaders, encoders, publishing tools etc.
  • White label solutions that can be used for further reselling opportunities.
  • Instant & free trial accounts.
  • Reliable and proven streaming video solutions.
  • Access to all our newly-developed features as they are added.
  • On-demand custom-built solutions.

Your Brand & Privacy

  • 100% white-label online video platform.
  • Fully embeddable within your existing website.
  • Your clients remain your clients. We are invisible.
  • Instant & free trial accounts.
  • Reliable and proven streaming video solutions.
  • Access to all our newly-developed features as they are added.
  • On-demand custom-built solutions.

You Decide, You Control

  • Set up your own prices on top of our wholesale price.
  • Charge your own one-time setup fees.
  • Sell in your own currency.
  • Customise Tax and VAT for your location.
  • Create your own email templates and on-screen messages.
  • Fully translatable into your own language.

Reach & Distribution

Your customers are looking for affordable video platform that is self managed, easy to use and fully loaded with many features to allowing them to publish videos without any restrictions, adverts or sharing with other users. While there are solutions out there to manage videos, most if not all of them have limited bandwidths or restrictions on the video size and length plus many other downsides.

Your OVP platform will not only allow uploads of up to 10 GB videos, but also offer live video broadcasting service with instant activation so anyone can log in and stream a live event. More importantly branding can be customized by the customer to enable offering your solution as their own.


Your customers can monetize their video content now. By using your OVP platform they have the opportunity to actually earn revenue from their videos all thanks to the Pay-Per-View feature. Your customers can choose to sell video tickets or subscriptions to their own customers, which - at the end of the day - provides revenue opportunities for everyone and increases the loyalty of your customer's database.


Our R&D efforts are focused on bettering what we have already created and our innovations will be made available to you ensuring that you are constantly ahead of your competition. By having constant supply of fresh new features added to your OVP as soon as they have been developed by our skilled in-house developers, we ensure our partners have supreme and up-to-date product to offer.


Your brand is protected. There will be no conflict of interest and your customers will see only your own brand. The entire OVP is completely embedded within your own website, all the forms, onscreen messages and any other communications between your OVP and your clients are fully customisable by you. Additionally, we provide domain masking which will further secure the chance of your customers finding out about us.


Reliability of service, 100% uptime and 24/7 monitoring makes our platform one of the most trusted in this industry worldwide. Uploading, encoding, and streaming are covered from our site so you can save time and effort.

How it works

More about our white-label OVP (Online Video Platform)

Having completely revolutionized the online video platform concept, we are the world's first company to offer an instant white-label online video platform (OVP) as SaaS ( software as service ) which any partner can instantly embed in to their own website and start providing streaming video services to their own clients.

Getting Started

  1. Apply to become a partner and access your admin panel
  2. Set up and customise your online video platform (OVP)
  3. You can set your own prices on top of your wholesale prices ( see below ) for the service plans and add-ons you are going to offer and sell to your clients.
  4. Generate embed code for your OVP user panel and paste it on to your website. This will display the sign in and registration screens within your website from where your users can self-manage everything for themselves.

Congratulations! You have just saved yourself lots of money on web development and infrastructure and you are ready to start your new business.

What does it takes to become a partner?


Based on the amount you deposit into your Wallet, we'll give you between 10% and 30% discount on our service plans and add-ons. The amount is prepaid up front and is kept in your Wallet from where we'll deduct our wholesale price for the service plans and add-ons you've sold to your clients.

( Your Monthly Sale Price + Initial One-Time Fee ) - Wholesale Price = Your Monthly Profit


The partner is expected to find and sign up at least 3 active user accounts within the first 6 months period of trading.

Wallet DepositsDiscount OfferedExample / Business plan RRP = £49 /mo
£1,000 (~ $1600)10%Your price = £49 - 10% = £44.1
£2,000 (~ $3,200)20%Your price = £49 - 20% = £39.2
£5,000 (~ $8,000)30%Your price = £49 - 30% = £34.3

Please note: All partnership levels do not include API.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and answers about our white-label OVP

Is this a real unique opportunity?

Yes it is. We believe nobody else is offering the same or even similar business opportunity.

Other companies have invested millions in their OVPs and their sale prices for similar services are much higher. You have the opportunity to take everything we have and repackage it as your own solution. Since you are dealing with the main supplier, you have very good wholesale prices to start off. You just need to market it properly and find your clients. You can even offer managed services and introduce one-time initial fee that you keep for yourself, all of it.

Why do you require the Partner's upfront commitment?

  1. We would like to work with serious people who believe in this market place.
  2. Since you collect the money directly we would like to reduce our risk and overheads.
  3. We do not want to flood the market with OVPs and that is the reason of having the minimum requirements.

Can I increase the Partners Level % discount if I invest more money?

Yes. You can do that at any time by simply adding more funds to your wallet.

I am a new customer. What should I do?

Yes, you can. We have an openID solution in place that will allow seamless integration of the new streaming video user panel with your existing CMS/Database. So your existing users can automatically register and access the new video panel to self manage their streaming video tasks.

Do you provide free trial?

Yes, we do. After applying to become a partner, if approved, we can offer you 14 days free trial access to the OVP admin panel. The very same panel you will use to launch your streaming video business.

How long will the funds stay in my wallet and what happens after that?

Each wallet transaction is valid for 24 months. The essential requirement to be a partner is to guarantee certain annual turnover which means that at least once every 24 months you need to replenish your wallet. Any previous funds you may have available will roll over. If you have not fully used/utilised/ the last payment after 24 months any available funds in your wallet will be reset to 0 and your clients will be automatically disconnected.

Partnership Application

Please fill in the form below to apply for partnership