Embed Videos and Live Streaming to WordPress

Guide On How to Publish Single Videos & Video Playlists

  1. To start please sign in to your StreamingVideoProvider account and upload your video that you wish to publish.
  2. Once uploaded, simply locate the video you wish to use and click on the "Publish" button positioned on the right hand side next to the video name.
  3. In the publishing settings click on the "Embedded" tab.
  4. Once you have chosen your desired settings scroll down and click on the "Generate Code & Preview Player" button. This will generate the player link which you will need to copy.
  5. With the embed code copied, open your WordPress Administration Dashboard> Plugins > Add New.
  6. In the plugin section search for the "Code Embed" plugin and click on "Install Now".
  7. Once you have installed the Code Embed plugin click on the Activate button located under Code Embed in your Plugin section.
  8. Simply create a new page or post and give it a name.
  9. In the Post or page click on the Screen Options drop down menu. Located in the top right of your screen.
  10. From the Dropdown menu enable the Custom Fields Box and close the dropdown menu.
  11. Now you will see the Custom Fields Entry below your Post.
  12. Under Name enter the shortcake you would like to use for your embed code such as CODE1 (The name can be anything you want and is there to identify and embed your player code.)
  13. Now copy the embed code form the StreamingVideoProvider publishing panel and paste it in the Value Box.
  14. Click Add Custom field to save.
  15. In your post you now simply need to add % then the name of your code and % to close. For example %CODE1% this will then place the code in the chosen space on your Wordpress page.
  16. Publish the post and enjoy your video.

Note: Repeat steps 12 to 16 for new players and codes.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is the player mobile compatible when I embed it into my WordPress website?

Yes, absolutely! When a mobile user opens your WordPress page with one of our players we automatically detect his mobile device and deliver a full HTML5 player.

I have a responsive WordPress website, is your player compatible?

Yes, single players are fully compatible with responsive layouts. Playlist players need to be set to a static size as these are custom created by each user.

Is it possible to embed the player without the RAW plugin?

We recommend using the RAW plugin as compatibility is dependant on the type of WordPress theme you use. Some themes completely brake and change the embed codes. The RAW plugin prevents the theme from altering the pasted code.

I am a new customer. What should I do?

Create your free trial account here and follow the e-mail instructions that will be sent to you upon registration.

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