10 Reasons To Choose Us


The Most Complete & Affordable Video Platform

Our all-in-one platform provides a complete solution that enables you to place easily your videos (pre-recorded and live broadcasts) on your website, blog or social networks and stream them to any Flash or iOS enabled devices such as PCs, Macs, iPhones & Androids. As part of our hosting plans, we offer uploading, encoding, publishing, monetizing and security tools & features - everything you need to profit from the many benefits of streaming video.


Intuitive Tools Make it Easy

Our enormous selection of intuitive tools makes it easy for anyone to do video streaming. In fact, you can do it in less than 10 minutes. No technical skills are required and there's no software to download. Our widgets and applications are easy to embed in any website, blog or social networks. You can simply copy and paste a small piece of code from our website to yours. That's all.


Completely Customizable for Your Business

Our VideoApps Studio takes the entire process of designing and publishing video applications to a complete new dimension, that saves you thousands of dollars in custom development. You can customize all the widgets for your business, including branding, color, size, and behaviour. So every aspect appears on your website in a way that's just right for your business.


Fully Scalable - 99.9% Uptime Guaranteed

The platform has been designed to work easily and seamlessly for businesses of any size - large, medium-size, or small. Our network is designed to grow with your needs. We can handle your traffic, no matter how big it becomes. And we're committed to 99.9% uptime.


Full-Featured with Excellent Screen Quality

Your videos will be hosted and streamed to your viewers and their devices with full-featured excellence, including full-screen quality, no buffering at all, and instant playback. You'll be able to present Live and VoD HD streaming video of the highest quality. And, thanks to our state-of-the-art CDN video network, we handle all the different delivery methods on our end.


Content Privacy, Strong Security and No Ads

Unlike other service providers, we guarantee that your videos will not be shared with or shown to anyone other than your own viewers. Our secured streaming technology prevents viewers from acquiring your video content while it's streaming. You can easily password protect your videos too. And no ads will ever be shown.


Monetize Your Videos in Minutes

We receive compliments every day from customers who've spent years looking for a solution that lets them monetize their valuable content easily. We've provided it! You can offer your audience pay-per-view or subscription services - with no technical knowledge and zero development cost. In fact, we provide the world's easiest and most powerful application for monetizing your site. You can connect your PayPal account just by copying and pasting code into your website or blog - and start making money from your content in less than 15 minutes!


Lowest Price Guaranteed

We offer what you are looking for - the most complete and affordable video solution on the market. Prices start at just £29/ €35/ $39 /mo. To make sure you get the lowest price, we monitor the prices of our competitors regularly.
We guarantee you the lowest price. If you find a lower price for the same or similar services and tell us about it within 30 days from your first purchase, we'll beat the price - and offer you free Add-Ons worth $50.


Free Telephone and 24/7 Email Support

We know that support means providing a meaningful solution for every customer quickly and easily. Unlike a lot of other service providers, we're here to help, regardless of the plan to which you've subscribed. So you'll never have to struggle and waste time figuring out things for yourself.


White-Label, Affiliate and Partnership Opportunities

Our unique technology not only allows you to publish your videos online; it also enables you to launch your own streaming video platform. As a result, you can become streaming video service provider yourself. If you'd like to recommend our service, we invite you to consider the rewards of our affiliate program. You can earn generous 15% commissions every month. Visit our Partners page to learn more.