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The Top Pay-Per-View Providers To Help You Monetize Your Content

If you’re like most content creators, you chose this type of work so that you could channel your creativity and produce content that has an impact. However, along the way, you have probably found that meeting strict community guidelines has meant you have had to tone down your creativity to comply with requirements.

Pay Per View Providers

Maybe you also had to opt for a video monetization method that floods your videos with ads? The good news is that there are now some amazing pay-per-view video platforms that give you back the freedom to create content your way.

We’ve completed a full analysis of the solutions available to you today to find the best pay-per-view providers.

What Exactly Does A PPV Platform Do?

PPV Streaming Platform

Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s start with the basics. A PPV streaming platform allows you to set up a paywall for your SVOD and/or live streamed content.

This can be done in a number of different ways. The best platforms allow you to sell access directly from the video player, making things easy for you and the viewer.

The features offered by PPV platforms are ideal if you are looking to sell access to a specific video on demand or a special event. You can even create an all-access subscription pass — the choice is yours!

If you’re not very technically minded and you worry about getting to grips with using a PPV platform, this guide will help you unravel that mystery.

What To Look For In A Pay-Per-View Provider


Each provider will offer a different suite of features, so it is important to find the PPV platform that has the features that will add the most value to your video content. Decide which features are most important. For example, do you require live streaming or will on-demand be adequate? How important is security to you? Does the platform take a commission when you make a sale?

User Experience

You will be spending a lot of time using the platform, so make sure it provides a user experience that works for you and not against you. Look for a platform with an interface that is easy to navigate and has good search functionality.

Payment Processing

The options for secure payment processing will ensure that you can easily receive the money you make from your videos. You should be looking for flexible payment processing options (PayPal, credit card, etc.) and also support for taking payments in multiple currencies. If you plan on offering subscriptions to your content, you will also need an automatic recurring payment feature.

Content Security

Video piracy is a major problem for content creators, so if you want to avoid people stealing your content, you should choose a provider which offers effective security features such as watermarking, encryption or DRM (Digital Rights Management). Protecting your content from getting downloaded is an important feature.


To generate the profits you need to be a successful content creator, you must choose a pricing structure that meets your budget. A pay-as-you-go pricing option will be better if you do not want to commit to a long-term contract, but you can usually save money over time when you choose a longer contract period. You should also consider what the costs are for important features, such as storage and data usage. Be aware of any setup fees that are in the small print.


If everything goes to plan, your video viewer numbers will soon start to increase, so you need to choose a provider that offers scalability to support you as your content viewing grows. If you choose a provider who is not prepared to support the growth of your audience, the service quality will be impacted.

Geographic Restrictions

Another important consideration is whether you need to restrict user access based on geographic location, so if this is a requirement, check if the provider offers this feature.

How To Get Started With Pay Per View

As we mentioned, you don’t have to be experienced with using a video CMS or similar platforms. The best PPV platforms make it very easy for you to get started.

Here are some key things to think about when choosing your platform for selling video content:

  • Will you be live streaming or hosting SVOD content?
  • Are you looking for an easy way to organize your PPV videos?
  • What is the payment processing flow?
  • What are the monthly costs of the platform, including fees?
  • Does the platform allow you to build a pay-per-view website?
  • Does the platform offer a global CDN, including access to restricted regions, such as China?
  • Does the platform offer content distribution features, such as multistreaming?

If you are going to be using a premium platform to host your videos, your content should be premium, too! Once you have a good idea of what you are looking for, get your hands on the best live streaming equipment and find a good microphone for streaming to make sure you produce a high-quality stream.

Your internet speed is also something to keep in mind. A slow internet connection could cause problems such as slow video uploads, buffering, and low stream quality.

We suggest an internet speed of at least 4.5Mbps (4,500Kbps) in order to stream smoothly at 60FPS, 1080p HD

The Best Pay Per View Providers

Now that we’ve covered some of the basics, let’s take a look at some of the very best pay-per-view video hosting services today.


Streaming Video Provider Pay Per View

StreamingVideoProvider is a great platform if you want to quickly get started with creating content, with a paywall that can be set up in just a few minutes.

The pay-per-view technology includes global CDN and robust 2FA to enable a reliable and fast service for pay-per-view streaming, VODs, and subscriptions. The platform has a robust video CMS that is ideal for both beginners who just have one video to monetize and professionals who will set up a large library of content.

You can record your PPV live streams and let your viewers watch them on demand later. With adaptive bitrate streaming and the ability to broadcast to Mainland China, StreamingVideoProvider helps you ensure a great quality stream no matter where or how your viewers are watching.

The advanced security features, such as 2FA, geo, and IP blocking, enable you to protect your content from pirates and prevent unwanted sharing.

Key Features

  • Live stream and video-on-demand support
  • Monetization and PPV options ranging from rentals PPV to custom ads and full subscription access
  • 2FA — prevents ticket sharing and keeps your content safe
  • White-label HTML5 video player — make it your own with ease
  • Adaptive streaming — delivers content optimally to all devices
  • Keep 100% of your earnings — no hidden fees or additional charges
  • Powerful and reliable global CDN, including coverage for mainland China
  • Multistreaming — Live stream to multiple social media sites at once


Pay Per View Platform

Another great platform for PPV is Dacast. Dacast offers both SVOD and live streaming monetization options that range from advertisements to pay-per-view. Dacast also has a video content management system allowing you to store and bulk upload multiple files at once.

Dacast also offers adaptive bitrate streaming as well as cloud recording. This means that your streamed content can be automatically stored for later viewing.

Global CDN coverage is also provided here, which includes mainland China. This is a big positive as it allows you to easily reach your audience wherever they are.

Key Features

  • PPV monetization and subscription options
  • Global CDN, including coverage for China
  • Adaptive streaming to deliver content optimally across a wide range of devices
  • White-label video player customization


Pay Per View Video Streaming Platform

Muvi is another platform worth keeping in mind when it comes to selling access to your content. This provider gives you the tools required to enable a wide range of different monetization packages.

A fully functional video CMS is available, although some newer users may struggle with the complex interface.

Muvi Live has a wide range of robust security features. The platform also provides “lead nurturing” tools that allow you to track contacts that attend live business events.

Key Features

  • Marketing tools
  • White-label video customization
  • SVOD and live stream support
  • Various monetization options well-suited for PPV
  • Global CDN (excludes China)


Pay Per View Streaming

If you are looking to quickly and easily set up pay per view, Cleeng is another platform worth keeping in mind. The platform provides the necessary features for creating different monetization packages, in addition to advanced marketing and analytics tools. Cleeng can also scale easily as your following grows.

This provider also comes with security features such as the ability to enable GEO restrictions to really fine-tune access settings.

Once your event has finished, Cleeng has a number of tools that allow you to find out more about your audience. Viewership intelligence and financial reporting are two of the reporting features available.

A big negative is that Cleeng relies on third-party platforms for live streaming and VOD hosting. Despite this setback, Cleeng still has a huge number of tools that are worth considering when monetizing your content with pay per view.

Key Features

  • Large number of marketing tools
  • Powerful analytics tools
  • Customize your white-label video player
  • Powerful security features and GEO restriction options


Pay Per View Video

If you are part of a large organization or team, Brightcove is another popular pay-per-view streaming provider worth considering. The platform supports SVOD and live streaming monetization and runs on a global CDN (excludes China).

Brightcove supports adaptive streaming and a large number of monetization package options.

If you are a new content creator or are part of a smaller team, the other options mentioned above may be better suited to you.

Key Features

  • Reliable CDN with 16 global data centres
  • Adaptive streaming
  • Good options for PPV
  • Multistreaming options
Comparison Table

Let’s take a look at some of the top pay-per-view providers’ key features.

White Label PlayerSVODLive StreamingPPV PackagesAvailable in ChinaMultistreaming
DacastVia third party
CleengVia third partyVia third partyVia third party

How To Price Pay-Per-View Video Content

Choosing how to price your PPV content will have a significant impact on your success, so make sure you analyse the following factors in your decision-making process:

  • Production Cost: Calculate the costs associated with the creation of your content. This includes equipment costs, time/manpower, paying for scriptwriting, any post-production costs, and any other costs contributing to the production of your video.
  • Quality and Type of Content: You will only be able to command higher prices if the content you produce is going to be exclusive and in high demand. For example, a boxing match featuring popular boxers may be able to command a higher price than an independent, low-budget movie.
  • Market Research: Conducting thorough market research of competitors offering similar content will enable you to calculate how much viewers will be prepared to pay for your content. Review competitors’ pricing structures to develop your own structure that can be competitive in the current market.
  • Audience: Consider the demographics of your expected audience, as this will have a large bearing on how much viewers will be prepared to pay. For example, high-quality business-related content can command a higher price than content that is leisure-focused.
  • Length of the Content: Creating longer videos can enable you to put a higher ticket price, as viewers will generally be prepared to pay more if they feel they are receiving more. Of course, this largely depends on your industry and audience.
  • Scarcity Value: If you are able to offer exclusive viewing of a live sporting event or unique training content, it will usually be able to command a higher price. Content that is only available for a limited period of time can also be priced higher.
  • Geographic Location: Your pricing structure should be adapted to affordability based on geographic location, as viewers from different countries will have different levels of buying power.
  • Bundle Offers: You might also want to try providing bundle offers to attract more customers. This can often be more appealing because they will feel they are getting more for their money.

Once you have spent time analysing all of the factors listed above, you should continue monitoring how customers respond to your pricing.

You may need to experiment with different pricing structures to find the numbers that will enable you to generate optimal profits from your content.


Your pay-per-view live stream can be easily set up and configured within your chosen PPV platform. With StreamingVideoProvider, you can set up your video paywall in minutes. You can also easily publish your paid and live videos anywhere online.

Once you have configured pricing and package options, you can paste your embed code onto your own website.

YouTube is testing monetization for PPV events, but it’s not clear when or if this will be available to creators. At this point, you can generate money using the YouTube Partner Program and get paid per ad view.

Using a premium pay-per-view video streaming platform opens up many possibilities for you as a creator. You have full control over your monetization options and aren’t limited by YouTube’s terms of service limitations. There are some great online event ticketing software options to help you to set up your PPV content for monetization.

From a broadcasting perspective, running a pay-per-view event is very affordable.

Many of the top pay-per-view providers are very competitively priced when taking into account how powerful the tools are.

One thing to keep an eye on is hidden fees. Make sure that your chosen provider is upfront about additional charges and fees before signing up for the service.


Now is a great time to get into selling your content on your own terms. Many modern live streaming pay-per-view solutions make it very easy for you to start selling your content within minutes. With bulk upload via powerful video CMS tools, you can create a huge library of content in no time at all.

When looking at Pay Per View providers, remember to check for SVOD (subscriptions) and pay-per-view live stream support.

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