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What Can You Do?

Create Video Channel
  • Your own branding and no competition
  • Reach your audience anywhere (even in corporate networks and Mainland China)
  • Calls to action and subscription forms
Create TV Channel Customer Service
  • Organize and publish your customer support videos
  • Let agents record and auto-upload tutorials with ScreenRec
  • Our Deep Analytics data shows you how effective your videos are
  • Sell or rent individual videos on your TV channel
  • Set up pay-per-view streaming
  • Charge monthly or yearly subscriptions
  • Stream your TV to multiple sites at once (e.g. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter)
  • Keep your copyrights and protect your content from pirates
  • Create premium (paid) video channels
  • Add calls to action and email opt-in forms to your videos
  • Attach files to your videos
Create Your Own Internet TV Channel
  • Live stream internal company events such as workshops
  • Quickly record and auto-upload employee training videos with ScreenRec
  • Protect your videos with advanced encryption and passwords
Create TV Channel Educational Portal
  • Publish open lectures and live campus events
  • Create paid online courses
  • Restrict content to specific students, locations, etc.
  • Embed quizzes, polls and custom forms in your videos
  • Securely host staff training videos
  • Host public and internal videos on the same platform
  • Control access with passwords, IP and geo restrictions
  • Protect your sensitive content with 128-bit AES video encryption

Bring Your Brand Forward


Just pick one of the ready templates and customize it.


Upload your logo, modify the controls, and change the player color to match your brand.


Autoplay videos, hide the "Play" button, and more.


No ads, no related videos, no competitors. Viewers will stay focused on your content.

Make Branded Web TV Channel

How It Works

Add content

Upload media files from your local drive or from remote sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, and your own web server. You can add live streams, too!



Organize your media with playlists and tags to create a better viewer experience.



Embed your TV channel on your website, share on social media or stream it live to multiple sites.



Change your TV channel settings directly from our admin panel and they will be applied immediately. No need to update code.


Create Your Video Channel Now

Try all features for 15 days. No contract. No credit card needed.

Turn Viewers Into Fans

  • Require email to watch your content
  • Set up custom form fields and colors
  • Display your form at any point in the video
Start TV Channel
  • From cheat sheets for educational videos to photos from live concerts, you can enhance your videos with any type of additional content you want
  • You can attach your files in various formats, including PDFs, text docs, images and presentations
  • Add custom calls to action at any point in the video
  • Insert links, annotations, polls, quizzes, and more
  • Start public and private conversations in the live chat

Create Your Video Channel Now

Try all features for 15 days. No contract. No credit card needed.

Create Live Web TV Channels


Broadcast a playlist of pre-recorded videos as live TV


Run your live channel 24/7 or at specific time slots


Viewers can see the program but can't pause or rewind

Keep Your Intellectual Property Safe

Protect Copyrights

You content will never be reshared or sold without your knowledge.

No Screen Recording

Place Dynamic Watermarks to prevent viewers from recording your content.

No Downloads

Prevent unwanted downloads with the 128-bit AES video encryption.

Restrict Access

Restrict your TV channel to specific locations or networks.

Monetize If You Like

Paid Live TV

Pay Per View

Sell or rent individual videos and playlists

Selling Videos Online Subscriptions


Charge a monthly or a yearly subscription fee

Live TV Video Ads


Set up your own VAST and VPAID ads

Create Your Video Channel Now

Try all features for 15 days. No contract. No credit card needed.

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Yes, just create a channel playlist and you can add any type of media you wish, both live and on-demand.

Yes, absolutely! With StreamingVideoProvider, you can build both paid and free online TV channels. In fact, you have even more control: You can publish free and paid items on the same channel.

For example, imagine you have a 24/7 sports channel that’s broadcasting all FIFA World Cup matches together with some documentary movies about the football game. You can put each live match behind a paywall and make everything else free to watch.

Yes, you can create live TV channels and YouTube-like channels (e.g. for employee training, product tours, customer education). We offer complete content protection and give you full control over privacy. For example, some channels can be restricted to your corporate network while others can be public and accessible from anywhere in the world.

Yes, you can. You can broadcast live or schedule videos to be played out. If you don’t have enough content for a 24/7 channel, don’t worry! You can make your channel playlist loop automatically.

Yes, your audience will be able to watch on mobile.

Yes, you can. You can, in fact, if you want, you can create an online radio with StreamingVideoProvider.

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