How to Create TV Channel

Making your own online tv channel takes less than 10 minutes with StreamingVideoProvider video platform.

To create your tv channel you need to:

  1. Create Video Playlists (Categories)

  2. Upload Your Videos or Add Live Streaming Channels

  3. Design Your Online TV Channel ( also called Video App)

  4. Publish it on your webite, blog or social network.

  5. Publish it on your webite, blog or social network.

Your online viewers can then browse or search your live and pre-recorded videos and stream them online - just like the demo we added for you to see below.

Getting Started

  1. Create Free Account

  2. Go to "My Panel" and click on "Video Playlists" section

  3. Click on "Create New Playlist"

  4. Click on "Add Video to Playlist" button and start uploading your video material. The videos uploaded under your Video Playlist appear automatically in the Video Playlist playlist.

  5. Click on"Publish & Publish" to enter the VideoApps Studio. You can also check out our Video Tutorials

  6. Simply copy and paste the embed code in your website and the Video Playlist will appear there.

  7. Once published, you can control your Video Playlist remotely from the SVP Control Panel - You can add videos, position them as you want, hide or modify their properties. There is no need to copying and pasting the embedded code again.

  8. Explore the options under "Edit Playlist"

  9. "Manual /Auto publishing" - this allows to publish all uploaded videos automatically or be able to review them before they get published and visible to your viewers

  10. "Positioning of the uploaded videos" - you can specify where the newly uploaded videos should appear in the playlist. You can also move and down the videos

Features & Benefits

  • Easy to design and launch thanks to our VideoApps Studio

  • One time html code integration

  • Full remote control over the entire TV Channel

  • Built-in fulltext search engine for all your videos on demand

  • Video uploads made via SVP Control Panel, External Uploaders embedded on your own website or via source FTP/HTTP folders

  • Automated or manual publishing feature - allows you to publish the uploaded videos to the playlist automatically or preview them first and then publish them manually

  • Embeddable in any website or accessed via hyperlink

  • Unlimited number of videos in the playlists

  • Ability to stream Live & On-Demand HD videos with an instant playback

  • No technical skills are required. No need of any web development

  • Realtime video analytics

Additional information

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