Create a TV Channel In Less Than 5 Minutes

How to Make a TV Channel Step By Step

  1. Create Free Account - This will give you access to our cloud software that will help you create your own Web TV.
  2. Create New Playlist by going to All Playlists > +Create Playlist
  3. Click on "Add Media" and start uploading your videos. You can upload them from your local HDD or import from remote http/ftp servers.
  4. Go to "WebTV" and create your WebTV Channel Player.
  5. Set the source of your WebTV Player to be the playlist you've created in step 2. Your Online TV Channel will play all the videos that are added to that playlist as live.
  6. Under"Publish" choose a playlist template style and then copy the embedded code to your clipboard.
  7. Go to your site and paste the embed code to embed your TV Channel.
  8. Once published, you can control your TV Channel remotely from the SVP Control Panel. You can add new videos, change schedules using the WebTV PlayOut Scheduler, all without the need to copy and paste the embed code every time you wish to make changes.

Features & Benefits Of Online TV Station

  1. Easy to design and launch, it takes less than few minutes.
  2. One time html code integration.
  3. Full remote control over the entire TV Channel.
  4. Built-in fulltext search engine for all your videos and live streams, so your viewers can find and stream your tv shows easily.
  5. Video uploads made via SVP Control Panel, External Uploaders embedded on your own website or via source FTP/HTTP folders.
  6. Automated or manual publishing feature - allows you to publish the uploaded videos to the playlist automatically or preview them first and then publish them manually.
  7. Embeddable in any website or sharable using private or public link.
  8. Add unlimited number of videos in the video playlists.
  9. Ability to stream Live & On-Demand HD videos with an instant playback.
  10. No technical skills are required. No need of any web development.
  11. Real-time video analytics.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to create a web tv channel online for free?

We offer 15 days free trial to help you create your Web TV Channel and put it on your website. After the trial period ends, you'll need to purchase a subscription to continue using our services, starting from 79 USD per month. See video streaming pricing.

Would I have full control of my own TV Channel?

Yes, absolutely. You are in full control at any time without any limitations on what videos and tv shows you run. At the end of the day you decide where you publish and share your tv channel and you are solely responsible for it.

I want to make my own big brother reality show. Can I do it?

You can put videos, live stream shows as well as stream from other sources like live IP Cameras. We have clients succesuflly running Big Brother type ot TV Channels with great success.

Do I need to develop a TV Channel app for my viewers to stream my channel on mobile devices such as iPhone and Android?

No, we'll provide you with an embed code to HTML5 Player, so you can stream to any of the mention devices nativly without the need of an app

How do run the Web TV Channel on Roku?

You will need to develop the Roku app yourself. We'll provide you with HLS playback urls for your media resources so your developers can use them with the development of the Roku app.

Can I run My TV Channel 24*7

Yes, you can create a schedule that will run each video one after the other as if it was a live tv, creating a daily program guide. At the end of the tv guide, it can either go to offline mode or loop to another playlist.