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StreamingVideoProvider helps you manage, monetize, protect, publish and deliver your premium video content, straight from your website, blog or social network, to your viewers worldwide, any-time, on any device. Enjoy full control over ticket pricing, payment terms, renting options etc., plus all payments are sent directly and immediately into your PayPal account or another payment processor of your choice.

Unlike others, we DO NOT take any commission from your sales so you get to keep 100% of your revenue. This is BIG and the main reason why over 1000's of premium video content owners / publishers are using our pay-per-view video hosting service to sell their videos online. It's an ideal solution for movie premiers, training videos, tutorials, live events and performances.


Live Demo

Accept payments right within the player

You can upload and set pay-per-view on your own videos and embed them on your website or social media the same way as we are showcasing it here. It's very easy and anyone can do it!

Try to play the showcase video and go through the checkout process to understand it, since the same process will be for your potential buyers. We've set a small amount of 1 cent on purpose, but if you don't wish to pay it, use this access code to bypass the payment and unlock the video: 1543GIF4F2



The ultimate features list that makes Pay-Per-View video simple
Pay-Per-View Video Hosting with Direct Payments

Get paid immediately

Directly from your viewers to your account

Spend more time selling content and less on cash flow management. With the StreamingVideoProvider's pay-per-view video hosting service you'll receive payments immediately to your selected online merchant account. As all payments are sent directly from your viewers to your account. Unlike our competitors, there are no waiting times for the funds to be released as payouts to you.

No pay-per-view commission

No commission on your sales

You keep 100% of your sales for yourself

We value our customers and as such we don't charge any commissions on Pay-Per-View sales. The only thing you pay is for your service plan, this covers the video hosting and streaming as well as the Pay-Per-View video feature. You should be careful as most of our competitors take at least 10% commission. On $10,000 worth of sales you would end up paying $1,000 of commission! Whilst with us you'll pay $0 of commission.

Single or Recurring Payments

Sell or rent your videos based on single or recurring payments
Single Pay-Per-View Video Payments

Single Payments

Take a one off payment

Charge a single pay-per-view payment to your viewers. When a person purchases a video that you have set to single payment, they will keep access to the video according to your chosen ticket options. Once the ticket expires they would need to re purchase the ticket.

Recurring Pay-Per-View Video Payments

Recurring Payments

Take subscription payments

Start charging your viewers on a subscription based model with the recurring pay-per-view payments option. When your PPV video is set to recurring payments and your viewers purchases the ticket they will be charged either every month or every year depending on your settings choice. This will give them continuous access to the videos until they cancel their subscription.

Accept payments worldwide

Payments can be made by Debit and Credit Cards as well as PayPal
Accept Pay-Per-View Video Payments

If you have an account with PayPal, Authorize.Net or CCBills you can start collecting online orders immediately.

If you wish to integrate with any other payment systems or sms processors, you can use our free Pay-Per-View API

Flexible Pay-Per-View Ticket Options

Choose what and for how long your viewers purchase your videos
Sell Your PPV Videos Individually

Single Ticket

Sell videos individually with the "Single Ticket".

Sell Pay-Per-View Videos in Playlist PPV Ticket

Playlist Ticket

Sometimes you may want to sell access to group of videos. Using the "Playlist Ticket" a buyer can pay once and watch videos from the same playlist / category.

Sell Global PPV Ticket

Global Ticket

If you have multiple playlists on separate pages, you may wish to offer a "Global Ticket" that provides access to all of yours Pay-Per-View videos.

Advanced Ticket Options

Create your own ticket options based on time and usage restrictions.
Advanced PPV Video Tickets


Create one or multiple advanced packages.



Add one or multiple tickets to each package. Each ticket can have a different title, price, expiry period & different usage restrictions.



Viewer who buy ticket that is part of a specific advanced package can watch all videos linked to that advanced package.

Your tickets the way you want them

Pay-Per-View Ticket Options


Choose currency for your pay-per-view tickets.


Set the price for your tickets.

Payment Type

Choose from single or recurring payments.

Simultaneous Views Per Ticket

Select how many sessions can use a purchased ticket simultaneously and prevent users sharing their passwords with others.

Expiry Period

Set how long the ticket should remain active from the time of purchase. This can be set in Days, Months and Years.

Maximum Allowed Usage

You can set the total allowed times for the purchased ticket to be used across the allowed (linked) videos.

Maximum Allowed Per Video

This is the same as the Max Allowed Usage but applies per individual video. Example: If you set it to 2, the user can watch each video a maximum of 2 times.

Pre-Sell Your Live Event Streaming with Pay-Per-View

Pre Sell Tickets For Live Events

Give your viewers the ability to pre-purchase access to your live events.

With StreamingVideoProvider you can accept PPV payments for a live events streaming before the actual event. Simply create a live player and set it to PPV with your chosen PPV options and set the ticket expiry period for long enough time to cover the event date or set the expiry time to "Unlimited" and you are ready to pre-sell tickets. This way viewers won't waste time and miss the beginning of your event. You can also pre-sell at lower (early bird) price and then increase it closer to your event.

PPV Video Discount Codes

Generate Discount Codes

Offer selected viewers and subscribers a discount / coupon code

You can generate discount codes to pass to your viewers or as promotions. The discount code system allows you to choose the expiry period of the code as well as total usage times and the amount of discount in %. It's great for attracting new clients as well as passing incentives to existing customers.

Orders and Reporting

Manage and track your Pay-Per-View ticket orders
PPV Orders

Orders are shown immediately

You can see the date and time of each order including the full name, email & IP address of each user that has purchased a ticket.

PPV Manage Orders

PPV Video Order Management

You can suspend access on the fly to already provided passwords and that will immediately deny the access to that password holder. You can also modify the ticket restrictions or resend password to users.

PPV Order Statistics

Ticket & Password Statistics

Are you wondering which videos your buyers have watched and are interested in? Such valuable information is provided to you so you can see each view and the viewer's ip address, date, time, city, region and country.

White Label PPV

It’s all about you

White Label Pay-Per-View Video Player

With the StreamingVideoProvider Pay-Per-View system you can simply remove our branding completely and add your own one. This will also remove any codes that point to StreamingVideoProvider. Giving you a truly white labeled Pay-Per-View system.

PPV Video on All Devices

Reach buyers on all devices

Pay-Per-View works everywhere

Your Pay-Per-View videos will work on any device such as Desktop Computers, Mobile devices, Tablets as well as Smart TVs. We fully support the latest systems and all this from a single embed code.

Pay-Per-View Video Encryption, Protection & Privacy

Security comes first

The most secure platform for monetization

Your Pay-Per-View videos are delivered in an encrypted form thanks to our 128Bit AES HLS encryption. This makes it impossible for your viewers to download your pay-per-view videos while watching them by using the widely available downloading tools that can be found on the net. Keeping your videos secure is crucial for any subscription business model business.

Taking online payments in a secure way is also crucial. We made it possible so you simply use the built-in secure payment forms that come directly from your payment gateway, leaving your hands clean without the need of warring about installation of SSL certificates and doing regular PCI compliance scans.

Pay-Per-View Video Geo Restriction
Pay-Per-View Video IP Restriction
Pay-Per-View Video Domain Restriction

Video Tutorials


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I start selling my videos online?

Watch this video tutorial where you will learn how to create and setup the default Pay-Per-View packages and start making money.

What payment methods can I accept?

You can accept all major debit and credit cards for your clients as long as your chosen Payment Gateway supports them. For example if you choose Paypal as your main payment gateways you will be able to accept Debit Card, Credit Card and Paypal to Paypal payments. Our Platform supports PayPal,, CCBill, as well as custom integrations via our PPV API which is great for solutions such as SMS payments. Link:

How long does it take for money to arrive in my account?

Payments are made directly from your customers to your chosen payment gateway. As such payments are instantly available to you and there are no required waiting times from our side.

Can I give access to a Pay-Per-View video without purchasing a ticket?

Yes, you can generate passwords manually within the administration panel for a selected ticket such as single video, playlist and global. Once generated you can use the password to access the video in the same manner as if it had been purchased. Here is a video tutorial showing you how to generate passwords for your Pay-Per-View videos: Password Protection Video

Do you take any commissions from my sales?

No, StreamingVideoProvider takes 0% commissions from your sales. 100% of sales and profits generated go directly to your payment gateway without us standing between you and your customers.

Can I try to prevent viewers from downloading my Pay-Per-View videos illegally?

Here at streamingVideoProvider we pride ourselves to be one of the most secure platforms in the world when it comes to video delivery. We offer 128 bit AES HLS Encryption which when enabled prevents all most common download software from accessing your pay-per-view videos. If a software should manage to download the files from the server they would also be rendered useless as the encryption remains active and the video cannot be played back locally. For more information please see our information page on security features for your videos: