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Easy for you

Set up the video paywall in minutes and publish your paid videos and live streams anywhere on the web.

Engage Pay Per View Viewers

Easy for the viewers

They can pay right within the video player and get instant access to your pay-per-view content.

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Click the “Play” button above. Pay the 1 cent ticket or enter 1234 to unlock the video.

What Can You Do?

Set Up A Pay Per View Site

Pay Per View Site

It couldn't be simpler to publish a PPV live stream on your website! The configuration is done in a few simple steps:

  • Upload your video or create a new live stream with StreamingVideoProvider
  • Type a price and connect your preferred payment gateway
  • Copy/paste the embed code to your site (WordPress, Wix, etc.)
  • Share with your supporters on social media in a single click
  • Viewers can watch your PPVs in high quality in any browser and on any device – be it a smartphone, a smart TV or something else.

Sell Event Tickets (Pay Per View)

Sell Event Tickets Online

    You can broadcast live any type of PPV stream, including concerts, online live conferences, sporting events, and so on

  • Schedule your event ahead of time, pre-sell tickets and offer early-bird discounts
  • We support all streaming equipment and technology — from webcams and DSLR cameras for live streaming to professional hardware encoders
  • Engage your pay per view online community with live chat
  • Your streamed live content is archived automatically as a VoD so that your viewers can watch later using the ticket they bought
  • You retain all of the revenue from your pay-per-view ticket sales (bigger ROI for you!)

Sell/Monetize Videos

Sell Videos Online

StreamingVideoProvider is an all-in-one PPV platform. Compared to other PPV services and streaming providers, our system gives you greater variety and flexibility of choice when it comes to pricing and monetizing your video content. Here's how it works:

  • Place your videos behind a video paywall
  • Viewers can buy a ticket within the HTML5 video player
  • They get instant access & you get instant payment (no additional charges on our side)
  • Publish the player directly on your website with a click

Create Streaming Video Site

Create Streaming Video Site

Start your own PPV live streaming business with boxing matches, create a cooking video membership site, sell access to your sales training videos... It's up to you!

  • No coding knowledge required
  • Works with all popular website builders like WordPress and Wix
  • Offer monthly or yearly subscriptions, rent your content, and organise free and paid live events
  • Embed a single player or a collection of playlists (video channel) with a few clicks
  • Customize the colors, logo & template to stand out from other brands

Sell Online Courses

Sell Online Courses

When it comes to monetizing your online training, we offer the full range of features and options to monetize and protect your content:

  • Retain all rights to your content and avoid censorship
  • Create your own pricing model — live stream PPV events, offer monthly subscriptions or even rent your content
  • Track Deep Analytics to understand your audience
  • We protect your videos from illegal downloads and screen recorders
  • Just copy the embed code and paste it on your site (no plugins needed!)
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Try Pay Per View Streaming Now

Try all features for 14 days. No contracts. No credit card needed.

Keep 100% & Get Paid Without Delays

Pay Per View Service
  • PayPal
  • Stripe
  • CCBill
  • SMS Gateways
  • Custom Gateways

Use Any Payment Solution You Want

Pay Per View Stripe


Connect your Stripe account for instant payout (no extra fee)

Pay Per View PayPal


Connect your PayPal account for instant payout (no extra fee)

Pay Per View System Credit Card

Credit Cards

Accept any credit card regardless of the country and currency

Pay Per View Software Payment

Your Payment Gateway

Set up a custom payment gateway with our PPV API (e.g. SMS)

Pay Per View Platform Currencies

34+ currencies

Accept payments in 34+ currencies (no conversion fees)

Video Monetization Your Way

PPV Software Ui Circle
Pay Per Video View
Pay Per View Online Streaming Example
Sell one-time tickets to PPV streams
PPV Streaming Services Rental
Let viewers rent your videos
Pay Per View Online Streaming Example
Offer monthly or yearly subscription packages
Pay Per View Online Streaming Example
Single Pass
Offer access to one video in a playlist
PPV Streaming Services Rental
20 Videos Pass
Offer access to multiple videos in a playlist
Pay Per View Online Streaming Example
Unlimited Pass
Offer unlimited access to a playlist

Try Pay Per View Streaming Now

Try all features for 14 days. No contracts. No credit card needed.

Works Out Of The Box

Streaming Live PPV No Setup

No Setup

No plugins or additional software to install

Pay To View Website

Quick Embed

Embed Pay Per View live streams or videos in 2-5 clicks

Embed PPV Video

Instant Sharing

Universal sharing link you can post anywhere on the web

Your Custom Look And Feel

Pay Per View Branding


Create a branded video portal in minutes with our template library.

Live Stream PPV Player Branded


Display your own logo in the player

Live Streaming Pay Per View Player Controls


Adjust player colors and controls

Pay Per View Video Service Customization

Protect Your Video Content

Secure PPV Video Hosting


Your PPV videos are protected with the 128-Bit AES encryption algorithm

PPV Streaming Watermarking


Dynamic Watermarking deters pirates from recording your live PPV streaming data

PPV Live Streams Security


Two-factor Authentication prevents viewers from sharing PPV tickets

More About Video Security

Understand Your Audience

Paid Video


Was your PPV event a success? Do your paid subscribers watch your videos? Our Deep Analytics will help you answer all of your business questions.

Live Stream PPV Insights


Drill down to the individual viewer details, find out who your true fans are and which videos they watched.

Streaming Pay Per View With Analytics
Pay Per View Video Script Colored Wide Box

Try Pay Per View Streaming Now

Try all features for 14 days. No contracts. No credit card needed.

There’s Even More

Pay Per View Provider Downloads


Enable customers to get a copy of your video or live broadcast on their devices

PPV Coupons


Quickly generate a discount code (% or amount)

Streaming Live PPV Security


Use IP restrictions and password protection to control access to your content

Streaming PPV Geo Restrictions


Make your PPV live streams and videos available in specific locations only

PPV Free Passes


Allow selected users to bypass your paywall and watch without paying

Pay Per View Stream Localization


Translate tickets and confirmation emails in different languages


Start a free trial of StreamingVideoProvider and you can set up PPV live streams and on-demand videos instantly. We give you all the tools you need to create your own PPV streaming TV, a VoD channel, a website like Netflix or whatever other business you want to start.

Check these guides for more information:

You can accept all major debit and credit cards for your clients as long as your chosen Payment Gateway supports them. For example, if you choose Stripe & PayPal as your main payment gateways, you will be able to accept debit card, credit card and PayPal payments. Our Platform supports Stripe, PayPal,, CCBill, as well as custom integrations via our PPV Video API (great for SMS payments).

Payments are made directly from your customers to your chosen payment gateway. They are instantly available to you. There is no waiting time.

No, StreamingVideoProvider takes NO commissions from your sales. 100% of your revenue goes directly to your preferred payment account.

We constantly work to update our systems and to be one of the most secure platforms in the world when it comes to streaming live PPV content and VoD PPV. We offer 128 bit AES HLS Encryption which, when enabled, prevents the most common video downloading software from accessing your content. Even if anyone manages to download a video file from the server, they won’t be able to play it because of the encryption. You can find more information here.

Yes! You can set up your own custom VAST/VPAID ads. You decide when and how often to display them. So, if that's part of your monetization plan, we've got you covered.

If you have any issues or questions, simply you can reach us through the live chat button on this page or our contact form.

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