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EzeCaster Mobile is an iOS App that lets you broadcast 720p HD live video using your iOS Device (iPhone,iPad). Thanks to 3G, 4G and wireless connection support, your viewers will never miss a moment. Whether you’re broadcasting a meeting to your employees across the globe, presenting a class to your remote students or use EzeCaster Mobile to share a historical moment with millions of viewers. It's as simple as opening the App and start broadcasting.


Reach All Devices

Reach All Devices

Stream to PCs, Macs and Mobile devices

EzeCaster Mobile lets you stream live to all devices. Whether your viewers are watching from a iPad or a Desktop computer they will always be able to stream your live events. This is thanks to the StreamingVideoProvider's Content Delivery Network (CDN). The StreamingVideoProvider video platform pushes your streams to your global audience by using the correct format that works for their devices. Allowing you to fully engage in your content creation.

Crystal Clear 1080p HD


Manage all your Live and On-Demand videos

EzeCaster mobile lets you manage your entire video library including On-Demand and Live Events that have been created in other devices such as your desktop computer. This makes it incredibly easy to search, rename and even delete your video files.

Full Control

Full Control

Take control of your streams with fine tuned adjustments
Camera Roll Uploading

Camera Roll Uploading

Upload videos directly from your mobile
SVP Platform

StreamingVideoProvider Platform

Core integration with the StreamingVideoProvider Video Platform

EzeCaster Mobile is fully integrated into the StreamingVideoProvider video platform. This deep integration brings you exclusive features such as Pay-Per-View Video which allows you to charge your viewers to watch your content. Geo Location Restrictions, Domain Name Restrictions, IP Restrictions and Password Protection gives you full control over your video content. Best of all, unlike other places StreamingVideoProvider does not take ownership or copyrights of your content and does not share / distribute your content.


How To Broadcast Live Video From iOS Device?

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it work on iPhone and iPads?

Yes, currently the EzeCaster Mobile application is available exclusively for iOS devices including iPhones and iPads.

Is the app synced with my web panel data and vice versa?

Yes, any changes you do will reflect on the other place.

Can I upload large video files from my iOS device?

Yes, we use file resume feature that allows you to upload large files and if the connection breaks, the upload will resume from last state so you don’t have to wait to start from the beginning.

Will incoming calls interrupt the stream?

Yes, we recommend you to ensure no calls, messages and notifications are allowed during live broadcast because this will interrupt the streaming.

Can I stream live over mobile network such as 3G and 4G?

Yes, absolutely but be careful not to incur additional data charges from your carrier.

I get a message during live broadcast saying my speed is not enough. Why?

Use the slider to reduce the bitrate because the current bitrate may be exceeding your upload speed and the streaming is stopped. Reducing the bitrate and/or resolution should solve this problem.

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