Pay-Per-View Single and Recurring Payments

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When using StreamingVideoProvider's online video platform to host your pay-per-view streaming videos, you can collect: 1) Single payments 2) Setup recurring membership subscriptions, so your viewers can subscribe for monthly or yearly access to your content.

Single Payments

StreamingVideoProvider supports single payments for your customers. Buyers will be charged a single payment based on the selected payment terms for the specific Pay-Per-View ticket.

Recurring Payments

StreamingVideoProvider supports monthly and yearly recurring payments. Depending on the choice (monthly or yearly) your buyers will be charged automatically based on the selected payment terms for the specific Pay-Per-View ticket.


  • One-Off Payments – Your customer will be debited once as a single transaction.

  • Monthly Recurring – Your customer will be debited once a month for his subscription.

  • Yearly Recurring - Your customer will be debited once a year for his subscription.


  • Expiry Period – You can set the amount of days, months and years until the ticket expires from the date of purchase (Only available when payment method is set to One-Off).

  • Total Allowed Views –The total number of allowed views a client can make from the moment of purchase (Only available when payment method is set to One-Off).

  • Total Allowed Views Per Video–The total number of allowed views per Video a client can make from the moment of purchase (Only available when payment method is set to One-Off), (Only Available when ticket type is a Playlist or Global ticket).

Recurring Payment Subscription Management

Please note that the management of the recurring subscriptions is done outside of the StreamingVideoProvider panel.

If some of your customers need to cancel the subscription at some point, you will need to do that via the payment gateway provider where the payment was taken from.

So if you are selling your tickets using lets say PayPal, you will need to sign in to your PayPal account, find the subscription using the search facility and suspend or cancel it from there.

Getting Started

  1. To enable recurring payments click on the "PPV" button located next to the video name and set the video to "Paid / Password Protected" then enable your desired ticket and click on the "Modify" button. This will bring up a configuration window.

  2. Here you should set the Ticket Name, Description, Price and Currency. Once done you will be able to choose your preferred ticket payment type such as "One-Off", "Monthly Recurring" or "Yearly Recurring". When you choose a recurring payment type please leave the expiry period "Unlimited" as it is not applicable for recurring payments.

    WebTV Playlist Settings
  3. When finished simply click on the "Save Changes" button to complete the set up of your ticket.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between pay-per-view single and recurring payments?

  1. Let’s say your viewer purchase a ticket that cost $10. If the payment type was single payment, then the user will be charged once. If it was set to recurring then it will be charged on recurring basis based on monthly or yearly basis.

What happens with the ticket access if user cancels the recurring payment via PayPal?

Currently we do not get sent any feedback information when a ticket is cancelled via PayPal. As such we are unable to cancel the ticket access automatically in this event. You must monitor your cancellations and manually suspend / block the access codes upon cancellation of a recurring payment via payPal. We plan to automate this process in the near future.

Does it cost me more if I choose to charge my customers on recurring basis?

No, we charge you for your service plan/addon and we do not apply any commission on your Pay-Per-View sales.

Is there a relationship between ticket expiry period and recurring terms?

Yes and No. You are free to set up your tickets as you wish but if you sell a ticket on monthly recurring terms, you cannot apply restrictions that will block the access to the user who’ve paid and expected to be able to see the video.

Which payment processors do not support recurring payments?

Currently we do not have recurring payments support for

Can I create recurring payments with Pay-Per-View API system?

Yes. We’ll pass the payment term to you and you will need to built the logic correctly on your end.