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Wordpress Pay-Per-View

After years of trying hard, many premium content owners have come to the conclusion that making good amounts of money with YouTube's ads is becoming more and more difficult, if not impossible. Having said that, here is a great article on how to sell videos using YouTube.

If you have invested your time and efforts to create valuable video content (how-to videos, online courses etc.) or if you are planning to stream a live event (conference, concert, church service etc.) and you wish to make money from your premium content, then you must try our Pay-Per-View platform.

StreamingVideoProvider gives you the ability to sell your videos as Pay-Per-View on your own WordPress website, and keep 100% of the revenue for yourself!

The great thing with Pay-Per-View videos is that you can charge your users money to view your content.

Using our Pay-Per-View WordPress Plugin you can convert, within seconds, your regular WordPress website into a video selling machine, so when your viewers are trying to play a PPV video, they are prompted to pay the PPV ticket price that you've set. Once the payment is made and you have received the payment in your PayPal account, the viewer is then allowed to watch the entire video.

StreamingVideoProvider gives you all the power of Pay-Per-View Videos for your WordPress website. The information below highlights some of the great features that you get with the StreamingVideoProvider Pay-Per-View plugin for WordPress.


  • Full Price Control - You set the PPV price, recurring terms, access duration etc...
  • Embedded within Your WordPress Website - Works with any WordPress Theme
  • Quick & Easy Setup - Simply copy / paste the video embed code on your web site and you are ready to sell
  • No Commissions and Payouts - You receive all payments directly and keep 100% of the revenue
  • Payments available immediately in your payment gateway (PayPal, 2Checkout,, CCBill)
  • Custom Payment Integration - You can integrate with any payment processor using our PPV Video API »

Pay-Per-View Options:

  • Single Payments
  • Monthly Recurring Subscription Payments
  • Yearly Recurring Subscription Payments

Ticket Restriction Options:

Expiry Period:

  • Unlimited - Access never expires
  • Limited to chosen amount of Days
  • Limited to chosen amount of Months
  • Limited to chosen amount of Years

Total Allowed Views:

  • Unlimited - Viewer can watch your videos unlimited times
  • Limited to chosen amount

For a video tutorial on how to embed videos in WordPress website please visit:

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