Password Protect Your Videos and Live Streams

Generate passwords and share them with an authorized users who can only have access to your video content

Video Password Protection

For users who want an extra layer of security we have created a option to lock your videos with password protection. This option will block the video from unauthorized viewers who do not have permission, keeping your videos safe.

You can choose to generate 1 single password for many users or generate separate passwords for each individual user giving you full control over each persons access and usage.


  • Expiry Period – You can set the amount of days, months and years until the ticket expires from the date of purchase.
  • Total Allowed Views – The total number of allowed views a client can make from the moment of purchase
  • Total Allowed Views Per Video – The total number of allowed views per Video a client can make from the moment of purchase, (Only Available when password type is a Playlist or Global).
  • How Many passwords to Generate – The total number of password you would like to generate for your viewers.

Getting Started

  1. To enable Password Protection simply Log in to your account, Located the video you wish to lock and click on the "PPV" button located next to the video or live event player name.
  2. Now in the PPV section set your video to "Paid / Password Protected" then enable your desired ticket and click on the "Modify" button. This will bring up a configuration window.
  3. Here you need to change from "Payment Type" to "Password Type".
  4. Now click on the "Generate New Passwords Now" button and you will be presented with all the passwords in the right hand pane.
    Password Screen
  5. When finished simply click on the "Save New Passwords" button and then the "Save Changes" button to complete the set up of your Password Protection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I password protect my videos?

  1. Well, sometimes you may want to password protect sensitive content that you want only password holders to access. It’s also great for reviewing videos internally without allowing everyone to see it.

Can I disable passwords that have already been distributed?

Yes, you can disable or manage existing passwords as well as modify their properties.

Can I see statistics on the used passwords?

Yes, a full set of analytical data is available for password protected videos such as the amount of times a password is has been used, from what IP address its been accessed and many more.

Can the same password be used by multi users?

Yes absolutely. You have control over how many concurrent sessions can be use by the same password at the same time.

Can I generate individual passwords for each of my users?

Yes, this brings the great advantage of individual sets of statistics for each password as well as being able to manage access for each password.

Can I password protect all or specific groups of my videos?

Yes you can set global, playlist or individual access passwords.