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Creating video playlists and web applications for your website, blog or social media has never been simpler. Thanks to the VideoApps Studio you can now interactively design your own video apps or choose from wide range of ready to go templates and publish them on the web. It takes less than 10 minutes and anyone can do it! Everything is done via your browser so there is nothing to install.


Live Demos

Showcasing Video Playlists & Apps

Video Wall

The video wall is the ideal solution if you want to present many video thumbs in a grid. When the thumb is clicked, the player will appear and play the video.

Live Chat Widget For Your Videos

Having a live feedback from your audience is an essential part of each live event nowadays!

With StreamingVideoProvider you have all the tools and widgets under one roof and adding live chat box could't be simpler. With a click of a button, you can enable the live chat box and your viewers can either sign up with their Facebook or Twitter credentials or simply enter a nick name and start chatting with you.

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Video Apps with Multiple Playlists

Looking to organise your videos in categories, like an online tv channel?

Choose from wide range of video app templates to embed in your website, blog or social networks. Save time by adding and managing your playlists without the need to copy-paste the embed code every time you want to make any changes.

Multiple Playlists Video Player

Agree to Watch

Using the event engine of the VideoApps Studio you can easily define custom requirements that your viewers need to meet before they are able to watch your videos or access the playlists.

In this example we have created a demo "Terms & Conditions" page. The user has to agree to the terms by clicking the button before the access is granted.



Build Your Own Custom Video Playlist
Flexible & Easy To Use
  • Build your video applications in minutes

  • Simply drag & drop the components, preview the app and publish it on your website. Anyone can do it!

  • Why waste time & money developing from scratch when you can jump start by using our ready to go templates?

Affordable for Everyone

With packages starting only from £19 / $30 per month and access to the VideoApps Studio, SVP publishers are offered easy and affordable way to upload, encode, stream and publish their videos on the web.

Comprehensive Toolbox

Video Players, Playlists, Webcast Slides, Video Info, Horizontal & Vertical Tabs, Build-In Search Engine, Interactive Buttons, Input Fields, Direct Urls to each video, Social Media Plugins and much more...

Project Management

Full access to our Template Library allows publishers to quickly load, explore & understand how to create their own custom video apps, save them as projects and load them again for further upgrades and modifications.

Remote Control

Any project /app requires ONLY one time simple copy - paste embed code integration. Once embedded, everything is controlled remotely from the VideoApps Studio. After making any changes all you need to do is to press Save.

Nothing to Install

The VideoApps Studio is a SaaS (Software as Service) web based Flash application that can be accessed anytime, anywhere from any pc or mac. No need for servers and configurations to make it work.

Plugins & Scripting

Need more flexibility? Advanced users can use the VideoApps scripting engine to build custom plugins for their video apps in order to meet any needs.

Seamless Integration

VideoApps Studio seamlessly integrates with the rest of the SVP features and functionality. New and existing publishers can immediately take advantage of the new tool and start building their video apps.


Video Tutorials

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I create my own custom playlist player?

  1. Login to your panel > Video Playlists
  2. Click on [Publish On Your Website]
  3. Choose & embed one of the video apps templates
  4. Customize them using the VideoApps Studio

Is the VideoApps Studio free and can I use it with my SVP account?

You must hold Soho+ or higher service Plan

I am a Soho user and would like to use VideoApps Studio and Video Playlists. What to do?

You have to upgrade your account at least to Soho+. Login to your panel and go to Account > Service plans and upgrade your account - Packages & Pricing

Do you provide any templates so I can customise and launch my own TV Channel?

Yes - when you enter the VideoApps Studio you will see a list of ready templates that you can load and save them as your own projects. Then you can customise them to achieve the look and feel you desire - VideoApps Templates

I have created my own project. Are other users able to see it ?

No. Only the global VideoApps Templates that SVP has designed and provided are visible to all SVP users. Individual projects are not visible / shared.

I am not a designer but I need a custom solution. Can SVP help me ?

Yes - SVP can provide an access to our designers at £200/day ( $320/day ). Please contact us for more information.