Live Webcasting with Presentation Slides

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Webcasts and Slides for Live Event Streams

You can push your PowerPoint Slides or images next to your Live Event with a single click of a button. Simply upload your PowerPoint presentation or images to your broadcast panel before your live event, then click on the slide you wish to activate for your viewers. Its as simple as that.

Getting Started - Slides for Live Event Streams

NOTE: Before starting please ensure that you have exported your PowerPoint presentation to JPG file format.

  1. To start using Webcast Slides for your on demand videos simply Log in to your account, Located the Live Event Player you wish to add slides to and click on the “Broadcast Now” button located next to the video or live event player name.

  2. Now in the Broadcast Panel section click on the “Settings” button in the Web Slides section to open the Webcast Slides manager.

  3. Now upload your slides by clicking on the "Choose File” button. then enter the name you wish to give to your slide and click the “Upload Slide” button to complete. Once uploaded it will show in the available section below.

  4. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for all the slides you wish to add.

  5. To use a slide simply drag it from the "Available section (Orange)" to the “Active section (Blue)”.

    Webcast Slides
  6. Once ready simply click on the “Save & Return to Broadcast” button.

  7. To copy the embed code simply click on the “Copy Code” button in the Web Slides section. This will place the embed code for the Slides Player into your clipboard and is now ready for pasting into your website.


NOTE: Before starting a live casting session, please ensure that you have uploaded all of the slides before commencing as slides loaded after will not be displayed for viewers already watching.

  1. Once you have added your slides and embedded your Webcast Viewer onto your site you can choose which slide should be displayed to your viewers.
  2. In the “Web Slides” section in your Broadcast Panel simply click on the Slide that you wish to activate. A banner will appear on the chosen slide to confirm that it is currently being shown to your viewers.
  3. To change slides simply click on the next desired slide to activate it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to manually upload and set the timing for my slides?

  1. Yes, the timings need to be set from the slides manager.

Can I upload PDF or PowerPoint file?

Not directly. You need to click on ‘Save As’ and choose as images. Once the images are exported upload and sync them with the timeline.

If viewer seek within the timeline of my video, do slides change?

Yes, all slides are fully synchronised to the timeline and the correct slide is displayed depending on the location of the viewer.

Do the slides record whist I am doing live streaming with pushing of slices?

Yes if you have enabled video recording, the live broadcast will also be recorded and the timing of the slides too so you can publish the on-demand version immediately after the live broadcast.

Can I modify the timing of the slides at a later stage as well as add new slides?

Yes, you can fully modify and edit all your slides at any given time.

Do the slides work on mobile devices?

No, not yet. We plan to provide this feature in the near future.