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Best Video Monetization Platforms In 2021 for Selling Your Videos & Live Streams

Best 5 Video Monetization Platforms

Why You Need A YouTube Alternative

YouTube is a powerful platform for marketing, but, sadly, it’s not suitable for video monetization.

Although it’s easy to see the appeal of a free platform, by relying on YouTube’s ads to make money, your revenue is going to be... a pittance. That is, of course, if your videos don’t suddenly get demonetized with no warning. And if you meet the stringent requirements that allow your videos to be monetized in the first place.

Adding to the challenges, there are millions of creators all clawing to get a percentage of that middling pot of coins, competing with you to make money. And to top it off, you also sign away your rights, giving YouTube the ability to sub-license, re-distribute and make money from your video in any way that it sees fit.

For these reasons, we’re not going to look into YouTube as a way to monetize your videos. This list is focused on highlighting the best pay per view video hosting. If this is new to you, check out our breakdown of how pay per view works.

How We Compared the Video Platforms

There are plenty of online video platforms to choose from, but how do you separate the wheat from the chaff? We’ve focused on those with the features best suited for monetizing your videos, as follows:

  • Monetization options - How can you earn money from your content?
  • Payment process - How quickly can someone purchase access to your content and how quickly do you get paid?
  • Privacy and security - How does the platform protect your content from thieves?
  • Live streaming - How does the platform deliver your paid live streams?
  • Video hosting - How does the platform deliver your on-demand videos?
  • Customization - Can you control the branding and the user experience?
  • Marketing - Does the platform have features to help you market your business?
  • Analytics - Can you track the behavior of your viewers?
  • Copyrights - Does the platform allow you to keep your copyrights?

Full Comparison of the Top 5 Video Monetization Platforms 2021

In the table below, you will see a side-by-side comparison of the top five video monetization platforms in 2021.

StreamingVideoProvider (that’s us!), Dacast, Cleeng, Wistia, and Vimeo Premium are all listed, along with all of the important stats that you need to know to help you make an informed decision.

DacastCleengVimeo PremiumWistiaStreamingVideoProvider
Video Monetization
Pay Per View
You need a third-party integration

Single video ticket, Playlist ticket
Rent videos
You need a third-party integration

Passes limited by time, e.g. 2-week pass or limited by usage, e.g. 20-video pass
Subscriptions (SVOD)
You need a third-party integration
Custom ads
Pre-Roll only; VAST, VPAID, VMAP.

Possible only when using a third-party video player

Pre-post-mid-roll; VAST/VPAID.
Payment Process
Customer gets instant access
Payout time35 days delay with your first payment request, then 3 - 5 business days3-5 days3-5 days30 days

0 days

You get paid instantly

Commission & Processing fees

9.9% + $0.40 (or 9.9% + €0.40)

$1.68/$0.29 + 2.9%


Depends on the integration you’re using

No commission & No fees

Privacy & security

DRM Video Encryption (To prevent unwanted downloads)

SSL encrypted connection but the video itself is not encrypted



connection but the video itself is not encrypted

Uses Amazon AWS which does support content encryption but it’s not clear if it’s enabled.

128-bit AES encryption

Dynamic Live Stream Watermark (To prevent screen recording)

No live streaming option

PPV ticket-sharing protection

Uses geo and IP data to stop abuse based on the distance between IPs addresses

Depends on the integration you’re using

Two-factor authentication

Advanced Security Features

Password protection

Domain restriction, IP & GEO restrictions

Domain restriction

Domain restriction, Password protection

Domain Restriction, IP & GEO restrictions, Password protection

Live streaming

Adaptive video streaming


No support for live streaming

Cloud recording


Live chat


Video streaming & hosting

Available in Mainland China

Video Player

You need a third-party player

Video Channels


One channel with multiple live and on-demand videos







White labeling

Logo, colors, URL

Logo, colors

Logo, colors

Logo, colors

Logo, colors, URL

Customize player controls

Cleeng doesn’t come with a video player

Autoplay video

Cleeng doesn’t come with a video player

Channel templates



Collect email addresses

CTA buttons

Ability to run webinars


Payment reports

You need a third-party integration

You need a third-party integration

Per-video stats


Starts from $19/month

Starts from $99/mo



billed annually

Free plan with up to 3 videos; Pro plan at $99 with 10 free videos + 25¢/video after the limit

Starts from $38/mo

Why Choose StreamingVideoProvider For Video Monetization?

  • No commission
  • Instant payout
  • All-in-one solution. Unlike some of the solutions listed above, we provide everything you need to monetize and protect your on-demand videos and live streams.
  • Full range of monetization options. Custom ads, PPV, pre-sales, subscriptions, rentals, you name it.
  • Deep analytics. You don’t just get aggregated data, but also detailed statistics per viewer.

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