EzeCaster Pro | Live Multi-Bitrate Video Streaming Encoder

Multi-Bitrate HD Live Streaming Video Encoder

Simply plug and stream live video to any device without a PC

The EzeCaster Pro is a stand-alone full multi-bitrate HD live streaming video encoder that accepts HDMI, RCA Component or Composite a/v signal from devices such as camcorders, visual mixers or other play-out equipment. Video broadcasters can now deliver multi-bitrate HD live video streaming to Flash, iOS and Android devices using the StreamingVideoProvider's

cloud video streaming service. The EzeCaster Pro removes the need for a separate computer, encoding software and audio plug-ins making it an easy all-in-one live streaming video solution which can be installed on-site, taken along and even be deployed in remote locations.

Reach All Devices

Adaptive & Multi-Bitrate Streaming

The live streaming video encoder can broadcast using multi-bitrate streaming that improves your viewer's experience by delivering your live stream with the resolution that matches their connection speed best. When you stream using multi-bitrate the video player automatically selects the highest quality stream version that the viewers connection speed can stream at. It can even switch between resolutions automatically if there is a change in the viewers connection speed ensuring that they can view your live broadcasts at the highest quality possible.

Reach All Devices Flash HTML5 Android, iOS
Auto-Configurate Button - Live Streaming Video Encoder

One Button Setup

With the push of a button you will be streaming live video in no time. It takes seconds to configure the device and anyone can do it! Simply connect the EzeCaster Pro to your router or WiFi network and plug in your input device such as a camera or a visual mixer. Then it’s as simple as pressing the Auto Configuration button which will detect your available broadband speed and setup the live streaming video encoder with the best settings so you can achieve the maximum possible video quality. It will also detect the current video and audio inputs so that you ready to broadcast. You can also manually overwrite the settings for fine control and even save different settings as templates for future use.

Crystal Clear 1080p HD

HD Video Icon

The EzeCaster Pro lets you stream live beautiful full 1080p HD video to all compatible devices such as Android, iPhone, iPad and Flash enabled devices, ensuring that your audience gets the best viewing experience.

HD Image


Complete Solution in One Place

Having not to worry about how to make hardware and software work together or figuring out how to make different solutions from separate vendors to talk to each other is a great relief that saves you time and money. StreamingVideoProvider’s cloud video platform is seamlessly integrated with the EzeCaster Pro, so you can have the hardware device talking directly to the live video streaming platform from where your website video player can be watched by 1000’s of concurrent viewers, from anywhere in the world. Whether you are a national tv broadcasters, radio station, live event / seminar organizers, meeting rooms, wedding , funeral, churches & faith organizations,

rest assure that this solution is the right one for you. We have spent years developing it from the ground up to ensure it is dead-easy and anyone, even without any technical knowledge can use it. The unique cloud features that are part of the All-In-One service such as: Monetization with Pay-Per-View, Password Protection, Security and Privacy, Domain, Geo and IP Restrictions as well as full Branding and Customisation options, makes StreamingVideoProvider the preferred choice for thousands of SMB and large companies worldwide including Council of Europe, WallStreet Systems, Microfocus and many others.

All-In-One Image of EzeCaster Pro - Live Streaming Video Encoder

Remote Control

Control Everything from The Cloud

Control your EzeCaster Pro straight from your SVP panel. This gives you the ability to configure and manage the EzeCaster Pro from a remote location and be able to Start or Stop the device, reboot and change the configuration, even if you are thousands of miles away.

Remote Control Of EzeCaster Pro - Live Streaming Video Encoder


Locally and on The Cloud

Save time and effort with StreamingVideoProvider’s cloud recording feature. Your live events will be recorded and made available for your viewers to see on demand within minutes after the live event is over. No need to upload any recordings! For those who are running critical events and want to make sure they have a local backup in case the internet connection breaks during the event, they can connect any NTFS pre-formatted external USB hard drive to the built in USB 3.0 port of the EzeCaster Pro and record the Live HD Broadcasts locally as well. When you’ve finished recording you can easily mount your drive straight into a computer and use the local recordings for video editing, giving you the best of both worlds.

Record - locally and on the cloud

Professional Connections

To Suit All Your Requirements

The professional connections at the front include a HDMI input for crystal clear High Definition video and audio as well as easy setup. You also get more traditional connections such as HD Component Video, RCA Composite Video and Composite Audio inputs. Your networking needs are covered by providing you with a LAN wired network input for a rock solid connection as well as ability to connect wirelessly if no cable connection is available.

Technical Specifications

EzeCaster Pro Image - Live Streaming Video Encoder
£699 excluding Delivery
Size and Weight
EzeCaster Pro Image

Height: 80 mm (3.12 inches)

Width: 350 mm (13.65 inches)

Depth: 200 mm (7.8 inches)

Weight: 2.5 kg (5.5 lbs)

Video Codec
High Profile H.264
Audio Codec
High Profile AAC with 48Khz Sample Rate / MP3
  • HDMI Input - Supports HD 1080p/720p and SD 480p
  • HD Component Input - Supports HD 720p and SD 576i/486i
  • RCA Composite Input - Supports SD 576i and SD 486i
  • Composite Audio Input - Supports Dolby Stereo
  • 10/100/1000 Mbps (Ethernet)
  • 802.11 b/g/n 2.4Ghz (Wireless)
EzeCaster Pro Image
Streaming Features
  • Multibirate Streaming - Send 1 stream at full 1080p HD, another at 720p HD, and another at 480p * subject to available uplink speed
  • Auto-Adjust Feature - Will adjust based on your available uplink for excellent viewer experience
  • Auto Reconnect - in case of ISP failure
  • RTMP & HLS Support - delivery to HTML5, Android, iOS and Flash devices
Streaming Resolutions

HD 1080p

1080p 30 - 1920x1080 FPS=30

1080p 29.97 – 1920x1080 FPS=29.97

1080p 25 – 1920x1080 FPS=25

1080p 24 – 1920x1080 FPS=24

1080p 23.976 – 1920x1080 FPS=23.976


HD 1080i

1080i 60 – 1920x1080 FPS=30

1080i 59.94 – 1920x1080 FPS=29.97

1080i 50 – 1920x1080 FPS=25


HD 720p

720p 60 – 1280x720 FPS=60

720p 59.94 – 1280x720 FPS=59.94

720p 50 – 1280x720 FPS=50



486i – 720x486 FPS=29.97 NTSC

486i – 720x486 FPS=23.976 NTSC

576i – 720x576 FPS=25 PAL

  • Fully controllable via the StreamingVideoProvider's website
  • Remote Stop / Start broadcasting
  • No setup - Comes pre-configured to work with your account
  • Fully integrated to the StreamingVideoProvider platform
  • No need to open router ports
In The Box
  • EzeCaster Pro
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Power Cord


Recorded and Broadcasted Live with EzeCaster Pro at Streaming Media Europe 2013

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