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Buy Backup Bandwidth (Prepaid Packages)

Backup Bandwidth is used when all your Monthly Bandwidth is consumed before the renewal date, for example, due to unexpectedly high traffic.

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Product Description Approx. Hours
80GB Backup Bandwidth ~ 237 hours One Off Payment $34.99
400GB Backup Bandwidth ~ 1,185 hours One Off Payment $129.99
800GB Backup Bandwidth ~ 2,370 hours One Off Payment $249.99
5,000GB (5TB) Backup Bandwidth ~ 148,163 hours One Off Payment $599.99
10,000GB (10TB) Backup Bandwidth ~ 2,962,993 hours One Off Payment $999.99
50,000GB (50TB) Backup Bandwidth ~ 14,814,963 hours One Off Payment $3,999.99
100,000GB (100TB) Backup Bandwidth ~ 296,296,593 hours One Off Payment $5,999.99

Buy Extra Storage Space
Additional Storage Space
In case you require extra cloud storage, you can purchase additional storage space so you can continue uploading more VOD content.

Product Description TermsPriceBuy
20 GB Additional Storage Monthly Payment $5.99 /mo
100 GB Additional Storage Monthly Payment $29.99 /mo
500 GB Additional Storage Monthly Payment $139.99 /mo
1,000 GB (1TB) Additional Storage Monthly Payment $289.99 /mo
5,000 GB (5TB) Additional Storage Monthly Payment $1,459.99 /mo
10,000 GB (10TB) Additional Storage Monthly Payment $2,899.99 /mo

Buy Extra Pay-Per-View Videos
Soho and Soho+ users may purchase this add-on to upgrade from limited to unlimited number of allowed pay-per-view & other access restrictions videos.

Product Description TermsPriceBuy
Upgrade To Unlimited Pay-Per-View Videos Monthly Payment $19.99 /mo

Buy Extra Multistreaming Channels

Product Description TermsPriceBuy
1 Extra Multistream Channel Monthly Payment $4.99 /mo
3 Extra Multistream Channels Monthly Payment $12.99 /mo
6 Extra Multistream Channels Monthly Payment $24.99 /mo
10 Extra Multistream Channels Monthly Payment $39.99 /mo

Buy Extra User Seats
Buy Extra User Seats\\r\\n

Purchase extra seats to invite co-workers to log in to StreamingVideoProvider\\\\\\\'s video panel or ScreenRec app

How it works

The primary user is responsible for purchasing the service plan and add-ons and to ensure there are enough resources such as bandwidth, storage or features needed to accommodate all the user\\\\\\\'s activities and usage.

Product Description TermsPriceBuy
1 Extra User Seat Monthly Payment $4.99 /mo
5 Extra User Seats Monthly Payment $24.99 /mo
10 Extra User Seats Monthly Payment $49.99 /mo
20 Extra User Seats Monthly Payment $99.98 /mo

EzeCaster Pro Live Video Encoder

Product Description TermsPriceBuy
EzeCaster Pro (Worldwide Delivery) - 1 Year RTB Warranty One Off Payment $1,249.00
EzeCaster Pro (UK Delivery Only) - 1 Year RTB Warranty One Off Payment $1,119.00
EzeCaster Pro with 1 Year Business Plan (Worldwide Delivery) One Off Payment $1,999.00

External Uploaders
External Video Uploaders

If your service plan does not have External uploader, you can purchase one from the Addon store.

What is External uploader?
Customise and embed it in your website so your viewers can start uploading their own videos.

Combined with our TV channel or Pay-per-view playlists, you can achieve scenarios like YouTube for example, where the uploaded content is automatically displayed on your website under specific categories (playlists).

For our advanced users we provide API that can be used with this type of uploaders.

Product Description TermsPriceBuy
External Uploader License Monthly Payment $34.99 /mo

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a credit card required for the trial?

No. Credit card is NOT needed to signup. Sign up takes seconds and you can be publishing online video in minutes.

What package is right for me ?

You can upgrade or downgrade at any time without any service interruption! If you are unsure of your needs we suggest you start with our Business package. If your usage is greater than this or less you can change your package at any time – More About Billing »

What if I purchase before my trial is over ?

If you decide to purchase before the 15 day trial expires, your account will be seamlessly upgraded and all your video will continue working without any interruption.

Do I have to sign a long term contract?

No. You simply pay month-to-month. There are no long term contracts. If you cancel, you'll be able to use the service until the end of the pre-paid period and then you won't be billed again.

How long does it take to purchase a package ?

It takes less than 1 minute to upgrade/downgrade your service plan or purchase additional features from the add-on store. Everything is fully automated and you will get immediate access to the new purchased features.

Do I get a discount if I pay for 12 months ?

Yes. You can get 15% discount if you pre-pay for 12 months period or 30% for 2 years. Make your selection during the checkout process and the discount will apply automatically.