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Embed & Stream Your IP RTSP Cameras On Your Website, Facebook or Twitter

Connect your IP RTSP Cameras directly to our cloud IP CCTV video platform and start streaming live your IP Cameras in full HD quality to all devices including desktop computers, tablets and mobile devices. By using our cloud based CCTV IP Camera hosting solution with your IP Web Cameras, there is no need for any extra hardware or software such as special encoders, NVRs or codecs, as we take the feed directly from your online connected IP RTSP Cameras and stream it to thousands of simultaneous viewers around the world.

With StreamingVideoProvider you can connect unlimited amount of IP RTSP cameras, CCTV RTSP cameras or any other RTSP feeds, that you can then embed on your site, share via direct link and your Facebook or Twitter accounts. We also offer great features for your IP RTSP Live Cams such as; IP Camera Cloud Recordings, IP Camera Pay-Per-View Monetization, Player Password Protection and many more that you can enable as needed for each player. Giving you full control and flexibility over your Ip Camera streams.


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Live IP RTSP Camera Streaming to Flash, iOS and Android Devices

You can embed your IP Live Cams on your website blog or social network just like what we've done here. Large number of simultaneous viewers can then stream your Live Cams using PC, Mac, iOS and Android devices. Your upload speed needs to be at least 2Mbps, enough to send just one stream to our video platform from where we'll handle the load from the concurrent viewers.



The Essentials For Your Live IP RTSP Cameras
Cloud Recording

24/7 IP Cam Cloud Recording

Never Miss An Important Moment Again

You can enable cloud recording for your IP & CCTV Cameras to watch and review past sessions. You can also make them available as Video-On-Demand (VoD) to your viewers. All this gives you endless possibilities on how to manage and distribute your recordings making it a great solution for monitoring retail locations, point of sales counters, showcasing retail locations, sightseeing sites ect.


Monetize Your IP Cameras

Sell Pay-Per-View / Subscription Access

Monetize your IP Cameras with our super easy to set up Pay-Per-View solution. Simply choose the price and currency you would like to charge your viewers, then set the terms for the tickets such as expiry period and the amount of allowed views and you are ready to go. All payments from your viewers are made directly to your PayPal without waiting times or commissions from us. We also don't take any commission!

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Video Security

Strong Security & Privacy

Protect Your Stream From Unauthorized Viewers

StreamingVideoProvider offers you strong level security and privacy features for your IP Camera Streams. Your cameras are not publicly shared and you are in full control of who gets access to them. You can Password Protect your IP Camera stream and allow access only to your desired viewers. You can also lock your stream to your chosen Domains names as well as locking the IP Camera stream to only be viewed in your specified countries with Geo restrictions. You can even restrict the viewing of your IP Camera to specific IP addresses only.

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Engage & Interact With Your Audience

Live Chat Widget For Your Live Stream

Engage with your audience with the StreamingVideoProvider Live Chat widget.The live chat feature gives you the ability to add live chat next to your IP Camera streams. Giving you all the power of being a live chat administrator and engaging with your viewers.

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Video Tutorial

Learn How Stream From IP Camera To Website

Creating a live streaming player for your H.264 IP RTSP camera

  1. To Create a Live Streaming Player for your H.264 IP Cameras, simply click on the "New Live Broadcast" button located in the Single Videos section or in your chosen Playlist.
  2. In the next screen give the player a title and choose your desired Live Player options before clicking on the "Save Changes" button.

Adding your H.264 RTSP IP live camera as source to your live player

  1. To start streaming your CCTV IP Camera you will first need to open the "Broadcast Panel" for your desired Live Player. You can do this by clicking on the "Broadcast Now" button located next to your live stream player.
  2. With the Broadcast Panel opened, click on the "Select Source" drop down menu and choose IP RTSP Cams as your source.
  3. A Pop-up settings window will open and ask you to enter your RTSP details such as rtsp://username:password@your-external-ip:554
  4. Now simply give the camera a unique nickname and click on the "Add IP Cam" button to start using your camera as a live streaming source.

PRO TIP: We highly recommend testing your RTSP Camera and details with a program such as VLC Player to ensure that your ports and configurations are working before adding it as a new source in your broadcast panel.

The IP RTSP Camera details are usually made up of 4 parts like in this example: rtsp://username:password@your-external-ip:554

  1. First is the camera user name. Should be provided by the manufacturer. please check your user manual.
  2. Second is the camera password. Should be provided by the manufacturer. please check your user manual.
  3. Third is your camera's external network IP Address. This can be found by going to Google and typing "What's my ip".
  4. Fourth is the network port to be used. Please ensure that you have opened port 554 in your router to allow external connections to the camera.


If you don't have a H.264 IP RTSP Camera yet you can buy one from our partners.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you only support H264 RTSP IP Cams

Yes. Other codecs such as MPEG are not supported.

My VLC can play the RTSP stream but not StreamingVideoProvider

Ensure you have Audio stream enabled. Just video stream without audio stream won't work.

My VLC cannot play the stream

Ensure that your port 553 is open in your router your external IP as well as user/pass are correct. Speak with your system adminstrator for more info.

What uplink speed should I have?

Depending on the chosen resolution and bitrate you have set your camera to work but usually you should have about 2 mbits uplink link. It is important for your internet to be able to send single stream to us and from there we will handle all the concurrent viewers.

What service plan should I have?

Trial, Business or higher service plan.

Do all the platform features apply to IP RTSP Camera streaming?

Yes all features are available such as pay per view, privacy& protection, branding etc