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Live Stream Your Church Services On Your Website

Join the 100s of Churches using the StreamingVideoProvider's all-in-one video cloud platform to increase and reach wider audiences by live streaming your Church Services on your church website. You can even make them available as video-on-demand for later viewings.

Whether your organization wants to widen its reachability globally, increase awareness and involvement or give the ability to members who are traveling or unable to participate in person. StreamingVideoProvider is the right solution for your organization.



Unmatched Set Of Unique Features All Under Same Roof
Stream from your website

Live Church Streaming

Embed and Stream Directly from Your Website

With StreamingVideoProvider you can Stream your Church Services live directly from your website. The quick setup process gets you streaming within minutes.

  • Stream your Church Services Live
  • Record for later viewing
  • Your Branding
  • No Unwanted Adverts
  • Directly on your Website
  • To your Facebook and Twitter accounts
  • Customizable Single and Playlist Players


Offer Your Church Services as VoD

Do you wish to stream any pre-recorded videos to your community? Simply upload them to your StreamingVideoprovider account and publish them directly to your Website.

Live Chat

Live Chat Facilities

Engage With Your Audience

Engage with your viewers by using the StreamningVideoProvider Live Chat feature. The Live Chat can be embedded right next to the live streaming player on your Church website and enable your viewers to engage in a group chat with you.


Live Internet TV Schedules

Schedule Programme and Create Web TV

With StreamingVideoProvider you can set up Scheduled WebTV Channels, by using your videos or live recordings from your past Church services, configure the programme to start at a desired date and time and create a real Web TV experience for highest engagement.

Cloud Recordings

Record Your Church Services

Cloud Recording for Later Viewings

You can enable cloud recording for your Live Church Services and make them available for streaming on demand (VoD) to your audience. You can also make them available as downloads, so your viewers can watch them offline on their computers.

More Features

Cloud Recording

Ad Free

Video Hosting

Password Protection

Player Customization

Video Apps & Playlists




Plays On Mobile Devices

Broadcast From Your Mobile

IP Camera Streaming

Linear Streaming


Keep Your Copyrights


Live Streaming Tutorials

Live stream your events by using one of the following options

iPad / iPhone

Stream your live event using a iOS device and our EzeCaster Mobile App.

What you need ?

iPhone / iPad

EzeCaster Mobile iOS App

Video Tutorial:

SVP Platform

Download App:

App Store

How it works ?

  1. Download and install the free EzeCaster Mobile iOS App from the App Store.
  2. Open the application and enter your account details.
  3. Choose an existing Live Event Player from your account

Visit the EzeCaster Mobile Page to learn more.

Desktop Software

Stream your live event using RTMP based broadcasting software such as Flash Media Live Encoder and Wirecast.

What you need ?



Capture Card


Video Tutorial:

SVP Platform

Flash Media Live Encoder:

Flash Media Live Encoder

How it works ?

  1. Install your preferred Broadcasting software on your computer.
  2. Connect your capture card in accordance to the instructions supplied with your card to your computer.
  3. Connect the camera and audio source to your capture card.
  4. Open your broadcast software and ensure that your capture card is displayed as source then select it.
  5. Choose H264 as video codec and AAC as audio codec for the transmission.
  6. Open broadcast panel and choose FMLE as source.
  7. Copy the RTMP details and past them into your broadcasting software.
  8. Start sending the signal from the broadcast software and check that its being received in the broadcast panel.
  9. Start and Stop your broadcast from the Broadcast Panel.


Streaming a live event using your webcam cound not be simpler.

What you need ?



Video Tutorial:

SVP Platform

How it works ?

  1. Connect your webcam to your computer.
  2. Login to your account and create a new broadcast event player or use an existing one.
  3. Open Broadcast Panel.
  4. Choose webcam as source.
  5. Accept Flash notification.
  6. Start Broadcast.

EzeCaster Pro

Stream your live event using the EzeCaster Pro all in one professional Encoder Box.

What you need ?

EzeCaster Pro


Video Tutorial:

EzeCaster Pro

EzeCaster Pro Info:

EzeCaster Pro Page

How it works ?

  1. Connect the camera and audio source to your EzeCaster Pro Encoder.
  2. Connect your EzeCaster Pro to a LAN or WiFi network.
  3. Login to your account, Create a new broadcast event player or use existing.
  4. Open your broadcast software and ensure that your capture card is displayed as source then select it.
  5. Open broadcast panel and choose EzeCaster Pro as source.
  6. Select the Auto Configure button in the panel.
  7. Start and Stop your broadcast from the Broadcast Panel.

IP / RTSP Cameras

Stream your live event using your IP / RTSP camera.

What you need ?

IP Camera

Video Tutorial:

IP Camera

How it works ?

  1. Connect the RTSP camera to a LAN or WiFi network
  2. Login to your account, Create a new broadcast event player or use existing.
  3. Open Broadcast Panel and choose IP RTSP as your source
  4. A Pop-up settings window will open and ask you to enter your RTSP details such as: rtsp://username:password@

    The details are made up of 4 parts.

    4.1 - First is the camera username. Should be provided by the manufacturer. please check your user manual.

    4.2 - Second is the camera password. Should be provided by the manufacturer. please check your user manual.

    4.3 - Third is your camera's external network IP Address. This can be found by going to Google and typing "Whats my ip"

    4.4 - Fourth is the network port to be used. Please ensure that you have opened port 554 in your router to allow external connections to the camera

    4.5 - Now simply give the camera a unique nickname and click on the "Add Cam" button to start using your camera as a live streaming source.

EzeCaster Pro

Looking for a easy professional way to stream your camera or visual mixer?

Buy the EzeCaster Pro today.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I stream our church services live?

All you need is 1) Business service plan 2) EzeCaster Pro 3) Video camcorder or CCTV IP camera with HDMI or RCA composite or component output to connect to the EzeCaster Pro

Can I use another RTMP encoder?

Yes, you can use any RTMP live video encoder instead of our EzeCaster Pro. Having said so we’ve made EzeCaster Pro with simplicity in mind which is almost “plug and stream”.

Do you do onsite installations?

No, we provide the live streaming service and the equipment. You may need a local IT person to help you with installation and configuration. Our services come with support in case you have questions.

Can I record our churches live stream services?

Yes you can enable cloud recording for users to watch at later date.

How can I put a Donate button on my live stream?

The easiest way is to create it in your PayPal account by using the express checkout button link and use it within the player branding with a Donate picture for your branding. So the Donate picture will be shown at the bottom right corner of the player and when someone clicks on it, it will be taken to PayPal to pay you as donation.

Can I monetize my church's live stream using Pay-Per-View or Ads?

Yes, you can sell access to your live stream using our pay-per-view solution. You can also set up VAST ads system that can be displayed during the stream just like YouTube does.