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Why we claim is the № 1 video content management? Because it is fast, easy to use, powerful video control panel bundled with huge amount of features and solutions unseen with other competitors, such as mass management of content, playlists, webtv & scheduling, live streaming, analytics, content protection, pay-per-view and VAST, various of publishing options, re-branding, reselling opportunity with sub users support and so much more.

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Unbeatable Video CMS When It Comes To Management & Workflows
Playlist Automation

Smart Playlists

Automate Publishing Using Smart Playlists

Create and use Playlists to automate publishing. Once Playlists are embedded onto your website, by using our highly customizable Video Apps templates, you can then manage the video content remotely from your video panel - without changing embed codes every time you wish to add new video. Adding videos or live streams is done manually from the panel, via an external uploader or via the Developer's API. You can also set smart rules to dynamically add media based on video creation date, tags and other criteria.

Setting Playlist Defaults enable you to pre-define inheritance settings for the newly created videos such as default pay-per-view, branding, security settings, availability and so on.

Timed Schedule Control

Timed Schedule Control

Set Daily, Weekly, Monthky Availability For Your Videos

Set manual or auto publishing with start & end schedule dates and times or choose to have your videos only available in daily and weekly time frames. This helps you publish your content exactly when you want it to be viewed by your audience.

Schedule live programme (sequence of video on demand files) to run as simulated live broadcast using our WebTV Scheduler.

Dynamic Media Management

Batch Management & Control

Save Time & Money With Batch Control Over Your Media

You can easily find your media, mass select items and apply changes over their metadata such as title, description, custom fields or change their settings from free to watch to pay-per-view, password protect them, enforce geo or other restrictions and much more, saving you time and money. ( coming soon )


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I integrate StreamingVideoProvider with my own Application?

  1. Yes, Absolutely. You can do this by using our extensive API library and integrate directly with your website, applications and even create automations. Please see our API information page.

Can I search content within my video library?

Yes, we offer a basic search facility as well as advanced search with keywords, tags and meta data. That way you can always find exactly what you are looking for within your library.

Is it possible to edit multiple videos at once?

Currently the systems allows for 1 video to be edited at a time. We are however releasing a new system in the coming months that will allow you to edit multiple items at once.

Can I manage my library from a mobile device?

Yes, we have a application called the EzeCaster Mobile App which allows you to upload, edit and manage your videos from your mobile devices.

Do I have to install any Browser Plugins to manage my videos?

No, the video management panel does not require any 3rd party plugins to be used.

Can I duplicate videos directly from my panel or do have to re-upload them?

You can clone videos from the panel without having to upload the video multiple times. This is especially great if you wish to have multiple sets of analytics or playlists. Here is a quick video on that subject.