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Larry Kless, President and Founder of Online Video in his blog covers the recent Streaming Media East 2010 conference and in particular the session on ‘Media Framework: Video Publishing Platforms’. Some interesting points have emerged and remark worthy are the observations by Jason Liebman, CEO & Founder of Howcast’s who mentions that businesses are getting to where it is not just about cost savings but about adding value. He says that it is about creating more revenue using analytics and monetization tools as this has to be about the creation of a value centre and not just about a cost centre.

It appears that what Jason says holds true not only for enterprises but also for individuals and smaller businesses. Most of us with great websites which disseminate knowledge or information end up waiting for users to click on advertisements to earn some revenue from our websites. But as we realise, Google Adwords the most promising of all monetizing opportunities on the Internet does not hold a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for most.

What is the best way to sell your video tutorials and how-to videos online?

Let’s take the example of a website with recipes. Would it not be great if one could monetize recipe views discretionarily? What I mean is, the website owner could offer some for free, for some he could charge for a one-time view and so on and so forth?

I am now talking about actually embarking on a `for real’ monetizing effort. Recipe websites is only one example. There are myriad other offerings which for want of information on monetization, remain free websites. Online learning, tutorials, live music classes.. the list is endless.

The big question is how complex is the technology? Do you need encoders and payment gateways to monetize video content?

"Walk the talk" is what makes StreamingVideoProvider an ideal solution partner to help sell your videos online by using pay-per-view or sell suscriptions for your online videos which can be monetized if required. As the world’s leading fully automated all-in-one platform that provides on-demand and live streaming video services StreamingVideoProvider’s Pay-Per-View feature module enables content owners to monetize their video content.

Offering four different ticket options including single view, playlist, global and free, you can can now take full control of your content by deciding the price you wish to sell your videos online as well as creating the rules. This essentially means you can start generating revenue for your video content within minutes using StreamingVideoProvider’s out-of-the-box pay-per-view video solution.

To embed your pay-per-view videos in your own website, it requires one-time embed code integration and once published on a website, everything can be controlled remotely from your StreamingVideoProvider control panel without the need of modifying the embedded code any further.

Main Features

  • Instant video playback after purchase = Excellent viewers' experience

  • Anti-theft feature that prevents any direct link exchange – Only legitimate ticket owners can watch

  • Easy to customise and embed in any website – it can take less than 15 minutes

  • No technical skills are required. No special hosting or hardware requirements

  • Mix and match ticket options – Free, PPV Single, Playlist & Global Tickets

  • Ticket price types – tickets are sold on one-off payment or monthly recurring payments basis*

  • Ticket expiry period – unlimited or limited to expiry in days | months | years

  • Total allowed views – unlimited or limited to number of times a ticket can be used by the viewer

  • Automatic emails are sent to the viewer confirming each order and the access code to the video

  • PayPal & currency setup included

  • PPV orders manager – track your sales, video ticket access codes etc.

  • PPV playlist iframe generator enabling seamless embedding of the PPV playlist in any website.

Learn more about StreamingVideoProvider’s Pay-Per-View Module

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