Live Video Streaming with NewTek TriCaster


How to Setup TriCaster with StreamingVideoProvider

  1. To set up your TriCaster with StreamingVideoProvider sign in to your user panel then select or create a new broadcast player and click on the ‘Broadcast Now’ button located on the right hand side of your player.

  2. This will open the Broadcast panel. Here click on the "Select Source" (1) menu and choose "Flash media Live Encoder".

    TriCaster Broadcast
  3. You will now see the "RTMP URL" (2) and the "STREAM" (3) Key along the top of the broadcast panel. These details will be required for your TriCaster.

  4. Now open your tricaster software and click on the "Gear Icon" next to the Stream button on the main TriCaster interface.

    TriCaster Broadcast
  5. TriCaster Broadcast

    In the pop up settings window, choose "Adobe Flash" (A) and which preset you want to stream at (B).

    6In the properties section enter a "File name" (C) for your stream such as My Stream.

    Then copy the "RTMP URL" from your StreamingVideoProvider broadcast panel and enter it in the Location section (D) of your TriCaster.

    Now copy the "RTMP STREAM" from the StreamingVideoProvider broadcast panel and paste it into the "Stream ID" (E) location in your TriCaster setup.

    Click the "Close" button in the TriCaster setup to exit the configuration window and save your changes.

  6. TriCaster Broadcast

    Now in the main TriCaster window simply click on the "Stream" button located next to the "Gear Icon" to start streaming.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Tricaster?

  1. Tricaster is a professional visual mixer and RTMP video encoder that can send live stream to our publishing entry points servers. You can check their officail site here

What account should I have with StreamingVideoProvider to do live streaming?

You must hold Trial, Business or higher service Plan

Do you provide support with the actual Tricaster internal settings?

No, please contact the manufacture for support. We only support the live streaming service you get with StreamingVideoProvider

What uplink speed should I have to successfully broadcast?

We recommend the following bitrates: SD - up to 800 kbps ; 720p up to 1500 kbps; 1080p up to 2,500 kbps

What delivery method do you recommend?

We recommend to set your delivery settings to Auto which should use HLS delivery provided you stream with H264 and AAC. If you stream with different codecs the delivery automatically will switch to RTMP.

What codecs should I use?

H264 for video and AAC for audio