Adaptive Multi-Bitrate Live Video

Streaming with Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder FMLE

Getting Started

StreamingVideoProvider now gives you the ability to do multi-bitrate live video streaming with Flash Media Live Encoder. Giving your viewers the best playback experience.

multi-bitrate live streaming with Flash Media Live Encoder FMLE

Please allow 24 hours before you can see the results.

  1. Your delivery must be set to Auto or HLS ( not RTMP). Go to Settings > Delivery Method > Auto > Save Changes.
  2. Open your Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder, Choose your input size to the correct size.
  3. Now set your video format to H.264 and the frame rate to 25 or 30.
  4. In the bitrate section enable up to 3 bitrates starting with the highest. Such as (1) 1200 kbps @1280x720, (2) 700 kbps @ 720x404, (3) 200kbps @ 380x202. (The bitrates and sizes can be set to your liking) NOTE: Please ensure to check the total bandwidth required to output your stream as you will need to ensure that your broadband line has sufficient upload bandwidth available.
  5. In the Audio section set the format to AAC and the sample rate must be a minimum of 44100 Hz NOTE: If the rate is below 44100 Hz you may encounter playback issues on certain devices.
  6. In the output settings enable "Stream to Flash media Server"
  7. Now copy the "RTMP URL" from your StreamingVideoProvider broadcast panel and paste it into the "FMS URL" section in Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder.
  8. Now copy the "Stream Key" from your StreamingVideoProvider broadcast panel and paste it into the "Stream" section.
  9. To enable multi bitrate streaming you will need to add %i to the end of the "Stream Key" in the Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder Stream Section. This activates all 3 streams from your encoder.
  10. Now simply click on "Start" to start your broadcast.

NOTE: If you open your live player on your website or via the direct link you can check and change the bitrate by clicking on the quality button in the player.

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Multi-Bitrate Video Player

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I care about multi-bitrate streaming?

  1. Because you can increase viewer’s experience. Each viewer has got limitations on their download speed. Sending multi bitrates ensures less buffering because each viewer connects to the best resolution depending on their current download speed.

What codecs should I use?

You must hold Soho+ or higher service Plan

H264 for video and AAC for audio. If you use any other variations, the live stream most likely won't work on mobile devices.

You have to upgrade your account at least to Soho+. Sign in to your panel and go to Account > Service plans and upgrade your account - Packages & Pricing

How should the resolutions and bitrates be set?

Our recommendations for primary resolution is to set it to 720p @ 1.5 mbits. Next resolution should be 854 x480 @ 800kbps and last one should be 640 x 360 @ 400kbps

Why is there an out of sync message?

Most likely your CPU is overloaded and running over 70%. You may need a more powerful PC such as an Intel Core i7 or you need to reduce the output resolutions so your PC has sufficient power to manage your streams.

I cannot publish my stream. Why?

Most likely your outbound TCP 1935 port is being blocked by your firewall, router or ISP. It could also be that your account is locked or you do not hold active Business or above service plan subscription. Also ensure the stream name ( stream key) is correct without any spaces before or after.