Will anyone pay for my online videos?

In a world where song downloads are available for free, iTunes Store is an iconic name that will always be remembered as the service that spawned the legal music download industry

Within 18 hours after the service first went live, it sold approximately 275,000 tracks! Today, the iTunes Store is the second largest seller of digital music in the U.S. and has sold over 4 billion songs.

This, in a world of Limelight!

Doesn’t this go to disprove once and for all the theory that `people won’t pay for anything they can get for free’?

Fast forward from the world of music to online videos and the name which comes to one’s mind is obviously YouTube! YouTube has taken the online video world, literally by storm, with individuals and companies uploading videos by the second onto its platform.

But, any serious content owner who has taken the trouble to record a high quality, great content video would secretly wish that the content could be monetized, wouldn’t he? Monetized not through complex advertising options (which is not easy, in any case) but based on the strength of the video content or quality itself!

However, in my understanding, what puts off people from even attempting it (and instead feeling gratified watching their own videos on YouTube) is the fear of the complexities involved in monetizing video content.

For these individuals and for that matter, even companies, getting paid for online videos has been simplified by StreamingVideoProvider. Technology advancements have made the incredible possible and StreamingVideoProvider’ fully automated on-demand & live streaming video platform is not only letting users worldwide to stream their content online on their own websites, but is now enabling these users to actually monetize their content!

However, some natural questions which crop up in the mind are:

- How does one upload video content onto one’s site? What are the technical requirements ?
- Do I need to seek technical or third party help ?
- Even if I can upload videos, where and how would I get paid for it ?

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