VaaS - Video as a Service

Vaas is not the name of the new UFO spotted in the Arctic sky. VaaS or "Video as a Service" is a byname of the original – "Software as a Service"

Well, because you are probably going to hear a lot about it in the near future. The world of online videos is taking off big time and the sooner we accept it, the better use we can make of it.

In the 1990s, hosting videos on a website required a tie up with a CDN (Content Delivery Network) company. But today thanks to OVPs (Online Video Platforms) anyone can stream a video from their side and the best part is it is not even complicated.

OVPs take care of the four steps required to broadcast videos:

They encode and manage content. With encoding and content management capabilities all that one needs to do is simply upload uncompressed video files without having to worry about complicated configuration parameters. These OVPs are designed to not give migraines which means you can give them user generated content – webcam, microphones et al, and the software will encode it. Because VaaS is smart it allows you to offer multiple videos, monetize your videos and offer on-demand or live video streaming. TV channels is another option which helps you to categorize and compartmentalize content

In a classic case of art imitating life, online players like offline TVs come in different avatars, so you can customize your player by choosing different skins, single or rebranded players, pop-in or pop-up players, embed players, yahoo, blog or ebay players – you name it. You can choose the color, size and even customize the control buttons on your player. This is even better than television!

And finally they give you analytics. If you have taken the trouble to use a streaming Video Platform then it is likely that you want to know how many people have watched your videos, which are the popular ones, who clicked and did not watch and who clicked and watched.

There probably was a time when broadcasting videos was expensive. Not anymore. You can go ahead and add, videos, playlists, TV channels, pay-per-view playlists, younameit and it won’t cost you much. Also because the platform is automatic, it does not require technical knowhow.

StreamingVideoProvider, the trusted partner for individuals, businesses and enterprises in video broadcasting offers an affordable streaming video platform option that comes with everything you need in order to upload, encode, host, embed stream & sell your videos on your website.

Getting Started

Step 1 – Create Free & Instant Account

  • Sign up for a Free Account and get instant access to all features of the SVP platform.

  • No credit card info required.

  • No long-term contracts, hidden charges or cancellation fees.

  • No strings attached.

Step 2 – Upload Or Live Stream

SVP allows you to upload or live stream your video content. - Learn more »

  • Internal Uploaders – Upload your video content using our internal uploaders located in the SVP control panel.

  • External Uploaders – Upload directly from your own website – Accept video uploads from your viewers or colleague.

  • FTP/HTTP Pull Uploaders – Setup auto-sync jobs(watch folders) to pull videos from your own servers.

We provide everything you need to start live streaming today! Simply connect your webcam or setup your external Flash RTMP video encoder, preview and embed the video player on your website and you are ready to go. - Full Instructions »

Step 3 - Publish & Stream Your Videos - Create White-label Video Players, TV Channels & PPV Playlists within seconds.

VideoApps Studio
Pay-Per-View Video Hosting
TV Channel Playlists
Embedded Players
Pop-Up Players
Pop-In Players
Player-Link Players
Ebay / Yahoo Players
Flash Embedding Players
Floated Transparent Players

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