VideoApps Studio & other recently added features

The VideoApps Studio is a new cutting edge video publishing tool that allows you to design interactively your own custom video applications and embed them in any web site.

  • Flexible & Easy To Use – Build your video applications in minutes

  • Affordable for Everyone – Available for Soho+ users and above

  • Comprehensive Toolbox – Video Players, Playlists, Webcast Slides, Video Info, Horizontal & Vertical Tabs, Build-In Search Engine, Interactive Buttons, Input Fields, Direct Urls to each video, Social Media Plugins and more.

  • Project Management – Full access to our Template Library allows you to quickly create & publish your projects.

  • Remote Control – Any project /app requires ONLY one time simple copy – paste embed code integration

  • Nothing to Install – The VideoApps Studio is a SaaS (Software as Service) web based Flash application that can be accessed anytime, anywhere from any pc or mac

  • Plugins & Scripting – Advanced users can use the VideoApps scripting engine to build custom plugins for their video apps in order to meet any needs

  • Seamless Integration – VideoApps Studio seamlessly integrates with the rest of the SVP features and functionality. New and existing publishers can immediately take advantage of the new tool and start building their video apps

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Pay-Per-View (PPV) playlists

This is a one-stop-solution that helps you charge your users/clients for watching videos from a playlist, embedded in your own website.

  • Different types of PPV tickets to match every situation – single / playlist / global. The validity of the tickets can be limited by time and/or number of views

  • Full payment transparency – all payments are forwarded directly to your account

  • Currencies and messages – completely customisable

  • Built-in and CSS customisation – there are additional layout playlists available as well as a new skin suitable for dark backgrounds

  • PayPal domain selection – destination URL can be changed to match the region of the purchaser

  • Excellent protection for your videos

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Password Protection

Using passwords to restrict the access to your video content can be a valuable tool for your marketing campaign (e.g. to offer free or discounted videos to subscribers) or simply to protect certain videos (e.g. videos for internal use).

  • Password generator – allowing publisher to generate separate or multiple passwords giving access to protected videos

  • Time and/or number of views can be limited

  • Customisable tags to help you find the right password entry

  • Accept alternative payments and use the passwords instead of PPV tickets

Live Streaming

Show your new product, event or presentation in real time and with excellent quality

  • Easy to setup up with step-by-step guide

  • Broadcast instantly – simple but effective broadcast now interface

  • Scheduling – make sure the player will be available just when it is needed

  • White label the live streaming session to give it extra sense of exclusivity

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Reseller/Partner Program

Start your own streaming video business today without the complications of product development and millions invested in the process

  • Up to 30% discount on our service plans and add-on features

  • No monthly overheads! No setup fees !

  • No need to purchase any hardware or invest in any development.

  • No restrictions! Choose your own profit margins and initial setup fees.

  • Generate a steady monthly income from your clients.

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Affiliate Program

Earn 15% Recurring Commission On Every Sale

  • Your Earning Potential Is Virtually Limitless

  • 15% Recurring Commission On Every Sale

  • Straightforward and crystal clear processing of the payments – you will receive commission payouts directly in your PayPal account

  • Constant overview of your current referrals and their previous purchases

  • Good conversion rate – dedicated sales team in place to convert the enquiries

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We are not only constantly improving our platform but also want to offer better value to everyone. This is why we have recently increased the number of TV Channel & PPV Playlists licences included in the different plans and also reduced their Add-On pricing.

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