“VideoApp Direct Url” removes the need for embedding the video apps onto a page

Simply send direct urls for your apps to your users

For those StreamingVideoProvider users who are using the VideoApps Studio as a publishing tool to create their video applications, we are delighted to announce a "VideoApp Direct Url" feature available under the Publish section of the VideoApps Studio.

You are now able to generate a link that can be sent via email, tweet, added in Facebook, word, pdf files etc…, virtually anywhere that enables you to add a url link. This gives you huge flexibility when it comes to making it easy for your viewers to access your video applications from any device, anywhere, any time.

How it works?

Once the viewer clicks on the url, a stand alone browser comes up with the video application
Click here for live demo


Frequently Asked Questions

I cannot see the VideoApp Direct Url in my VideoApps Studio > Publish section. What shall I do?

Please clean your browser cache and try again.

Can I generate and send a "VideoApp Direct Link" to my users and have them pay to watch my PPV videos?

bsolutely. The video apps and the ppv videos within them are functioning exactly the same way regardless if the apps are embedded within a webpage or accessed via the direct url link. You can mix and match both publishing solutions.

Are there any concurrent viewers restrictions with the VideoApp Direct Links?

No, as with all of our players there is no limit on the total concurrent viewers.

Where can I share the VideoApps Direct link?

The VideoApps Direct links work in the same manner as any normal link and can be shared via emails, websites, forums and any other media that accepts links.

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