Single Videos & VideoApps Studio Now Support The Pay-Per-View / Password Protected Feature

Amazing solution for monetization or password protection of your video content

Single Videos Section

Monetization & Password Protection for your Single Videos

The new feature that many of you have asked for now enables you to set up Pay-Per-View tickets for your single video players including Live Broadcasts.

Before it was only possible to publish your PPV videos as part of a video playlist but that wasn't ideal for some specific scenarios. We listen to your feedback and we're now delighted to announce this great new way to monetize or password protect your content as single video objects.

Watch Live Demo »

To try it out go to My Panel > Single Videos and click on PPV button. Then watch the video tutorials or follow the on-screen instructions.

Start creating super cool looking VideoApps & Playlists with the help the VideoApps Studio

The VideoApps Studio is now the main designing tool for your Video Playlists. That includes Pay-Per-View / Password Protected videos too.

See Live Demo Here »

Read more about VideoApps Studio »

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Video Playlists & Pay-Per-View Playlists are now merged into "Video Playlists"

Since the VideoApps Studio supports Pay-Per-View / Password Protected Videos now, we've decided to merge all the playlists into one single place called "Video Playlists". Making it easier than ever for you to manage them.

Video Playlist Merged
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