The Features That Kept Us Busy Lately

Here are the features that kept us busy lately. You may have seen them already on our blog but, here is the summary

WebTV Scheduler

WebTV Scheduler – Schedule Videos To Run As Live Web TV

Deliver On Demand Videos as a Live WebTV Programme - You can now create a scheduled Live WebTV programme using your video playlists.

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Access Restrictions

Domain, IP and Geo Access Restrictions for your Videos

Domain Name Access Restriction - Domain Restrictions allow you to prevent unauthorized content pirates from using your videos on their website.

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IP Access Restriction - This is a great feature for corporate users or anyone that simply wants to restrict the video access based on IPs. As you know all the users within an organisation have the same external IP address. This option will block the access for viewers outside of your organisation.

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Geo Base Access Restriction - You can manage the geo access for your live and video-on-demand content by authorizing / blocking viewers located in specific counties or regions.

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MP3 Audio Support

MP3 Audio File Support – Upload and Monetize MP3 Audio files in the same way as Video

MP3 Audio Support - Upload and Manage MP3 Audio files in the same way as your videos with full control over Pay-Per-View and Restrictions

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Google Analytics

Google Analytics Integration

Google Analytics - By integrating your Google Analytics account you will be able to track the total number of plays across all your videos during a chosen time frame and you'll also have the ability to see individual play counts, technology information, traffic sources and visitor information.

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Recurring Payments

Monthly and Yearly Recurring Payments for Pay-Per-View Videos

Recurring Payments - StreamingVideoProvider supports single payments as well as monthly and yearly recurring payments for your customers. Giving you full control over payment terms for your Pay-Per-View tickets.

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Payment Gateway Integrations

Custom Payment Gateway Integrations via PPV API

Pay-Per-View API - Our new PPV API enables you to integrate 3rd party payment / SMS processors with the StreamingVideoProvider's Pay-Per-View Paywall solution and also to manage your ppv tickets and passwords via the API.

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PPV Gateway Providers

Pay-Per-View Support For 2Checkout, CCBill, Authorize, PayPal And Custom Payments Via PPV API

New Supported PPV Gateway Providers - Pay-Per-View users can now accept payments using the newly supported Payment Gateway Providers including Paypal, 2Checkout, CCBill and Authorize.

Download Videos

Enable Your Viewers To Download Your Videos

Video Downloads - In some cases it makes sense to allow your customers not only to stream your videos but also to download them to their computers. StreamingVideoProvider makes it easy for you to enable a Download Video button that will be displayed around your new or already embedded video players or applications without the need to replace the embed codes.

We are constantly working on new features. See what is coming soon.

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