New Broadcast Panel with Recordings, Slides & Live Chat

Manage all aspects of your live event including Recordings, Webcast Slides and Live Chat

New Broadcast Panel

The new Broadcast Panel now includes:

  • Source Video selection including: EzeCaster Pro, Flash Media Live Encoder, Wirecast, IP Webcam / RTSP Devices, EzeCaster Mobile iOS App & Webcam

  • Local & Live Source Preview.

  • Ability to share by coping the player link or get the embed code for your live stream player right from the broadcast panel.

  • Enabling / disabling cloud recordings.

  • View and manage all your event recordings in the Broadcast Panel.

  • Copy direct link or copy embed codes for recordings.

  • Create and manage Webcast Slides from the Broadcast Panel.

  • Copy the embed code for your Webcast slides.

  • Our new Live Chat system is built right in to the new Broadcast Panel.

  • Administrate and Chat right from the Broadcast Panel.

  • Copy the embed code for your Live Chat.

Coming Soon Features Related to the Broadcast Panel

  • Sharing the panel via private link without the need for the users to sign in to SVP.

  • Embedding the broadcast panel to any website for 3rd party camera operators to use.

  • Permission and share control over each camera operator.

  • Time allowance control over the EzeCaster Pro based on operators – this will allow our clients (meeting /conference/office rooms service providers for example) to offer additional services and allow their own clients to use the self-service broadcasting facility to broadcast share and record their meetings. The time allowance control prevents operators to control the EzeCaster Pro outside of the allowed timeframe and conflict with another scheduled operator that may be using in a session at that time.

  • Advanced publishing options – users and operators will be able to publish and share (via link, email or social networks) all the items in the broadcast panel, using video apps. At present separate embed codes need to be copied and pasted which may be inconvenient sometimes.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Broadcast Panel for?

  1. This is where you can stream live using various of input sources such as : RTMP encoders like FMLE and WIrecast, Webcam, RTSP IP Cams, EzeCaster Pro and EzeCaster Mobile.

What happens If my video playlist is embedded on unauthorized domain?

Videos won't appear in the playlist and it will look like is a blank one.

Can I block all my videos to specific sub domain.

Yes. You need to specify the the full sub domain like

Can I use wild card?

Yes, just type and eveyrthing after .com/* will be automatically applied.

Can I lock specific page only and not the entire domain?

Yes, just type and only this page will the restrictions will apply for.

Can I pre-defined different templates of Domain restrictions and use them with my videos?

Yes you can create multiple templates and link them to your videos to save time to do same settings all over for each video.
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