Improvements To Our Flash Player & Live Broadcasts

Auto-resume feature and default offline splash image and overlay text added


Auto-Resume Feature

The Flash Player will automatically resume should you lose connectivity - during live broadcasts some viewers may lose connectivity as a result of a poor internet connection. Your viewers can now enjoy the auto-resume feature without the need to refresh their browser.

Offline Image and Text

Default offline splash image and overlay text – the Flash player can now display a default offline image if the broadcast has yet to be started or the uplink from the RTMP encoder is missing.

You can control the image and text from "Live Broadcast Player" > "Settings" > "Select Startup Video Image" or "Display offline text message to viewers"

Offline Image 1
Offline Image 2

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the auto resume and the offline image and text updates free?

Yes, absolutely! Both updated are offered for free to StreamingVideoProvider customers with an Live Streaming enabled accounts.

Is the player compatible with with mobile devices?

When using a mobile phone device the servers automatically detect the user's device and display a HTML5 player for your mobile. All of this done without needing to embed multiple players or codes.

Is the new player free?

Yes, the new player is available to all StreamingVideoProvider accounts.

I am a new customer. What should I do ?

Create your free trial account here and follow the e-mail instructions that will be sent to you upon registration.
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