Step By Step On How To Put Video On My Website

StreamingVideoProvider’s streaming video platform comes with everything you need to put streaming video on your website.

The process involves uploading, encoding, hosting, and embedding the streaming video on your website. Just follow these 3 simple steps!

Create a free & instant Account - no credit card, no long-term contracts, hidden charges or cancellation fees. To summarise – no strings attached.

Upload your videos – All major video formats are accepted. Free flash FLV encoding/transcoding. No video file size restrictions. No video length restrictions.

Publish & Stream Your Videos – Create White-label Video Players, TV Channels & PPV Playlists within seconds. No knowledge of HTML or programming skills is required to publish your videos.

To summarise, it is not necessary to borrow content to enhance a website. All that is needed is access to the StreamingVideoProvider platform!

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