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Publish on Facebook/Twitter

We're very excited to announce the launch of our new easy to use Facebook & Twitter publishing feature that allows you to publish your video content (live broadcasts and video on demand) straight from your StreamingVideoProvider user panel onto your Facebook Wall or Twitter status page.

Giving you the option to integrate your videos with Facebook and Twitter we believe you can reach out to wider audiences, gaining coverage where it matters. Whether you’re a video marketer, digital advertising company or media agency the ability to tap into social networks enhances your global reach while targeting individuals or fans without any extra investment.

Live events can also be fully integrated and is ideal for performance artists, musician’s, lecturers or anyone else wishing to broadcast their live events or presentations making it easy for fans and followers to tune in!

We have included a new Facebook/Twitter publishing tab within Single Videos > Publish where you can instantly enter your Facebook status updates, video titles and video link. This can be achieved for both live and pre-recorded videos.

You can also customize the look and feel of the player you are about to publish changing background colours, video and player sizes, player skins, branding and much more!

Ready To Start Using The Facebook/Twitter Publishing ?

Learn how to publish your Single Video Players onto FB and Twitter

Note: This does not include Video Playlists or Pay-Per-View videos

Learn how to create a tab on your FB Fan Page and publish your Single Videos & Video Playlists

Note:This includes Pay-Per-View/Password Protected videos.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay any extra for this feature?

No, the new Facebook and Twitter publishing is free for all StreamingVideoProvider accounts.

Do I need to configure anything on Facebook and Twitter for this feature to work?

No, all you need to do is use the StreamingVideoProvider user control panel as shown in the videos above and simply authorise the access to your FB and Twitter accounts when prompted. We'll do the rest.

What about my Video Playlists and Pay-Per-View Playlists? Can they be published to my Facebook Wall too?

No, they can only be published in a separate tab (just like we've done it here ) by using free 3rd party Facebook app called "Static HTML: iframe tabs". For more information on this please watch this video tutorial

I am a new customer. What should I do ?

Create your free trial account here and follow the e-mail instructions that will be sent to you upon registration.
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