Daily & Weekly Video Scheduling

We are delighted to announce the latest new feature(s) that is now available in our user's control panels.

Daily & Weekly Scheduling – users can now schedule their VoD and Live videos to appear in the TV Channels and PPV Playlists at specific date and time, on a daily or weekly basis.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use the scheduling system?

The scheduling system allows you to set your videos and playlists to be available on selected days and times or weeks. For example you may want to set a specific video to only be available on Mondays between 6pm to 9pm. The scheduling system allows you to do just that.

Where can I find the video scheduling system?

To enable video scheduling login to your panel, find the video you wish to schedule and click on the Settings button > then Availability. Here you can change it from published to scheduling to a specific date, daily and weekly.

What options do I get in when scheduling?

  1. Under Scheduling for a later date you get to pick the date as well as the time you wish to make your video available and you also get to choose if you want to keep the video available indefinitely or set a end of availability date.
  2. Under Daily Scheduling you get to choose what time of the day the video becomes available and unavailable.
  3. Under Weekly Scheduling you get to set each day with separate availabilities such as monday 9am to 12pm, Tuesday 1pm to 4pm etc...

I am a new customer. What should I do?

Create your free trial account here and follow the e-mail instructions that will be sent to you upon registration.

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