Highly Customizable Video Player

We are super excited to launch our 3rd generation highly customisable flash video player that offers high-performance video playback across multiple platforms, including TVs.

With its Stage Video feature it helps you deliver best-in-class video across screens and browsers by enabling access to hardware acceleration throughout the entire video pipeline. It delivers improved playback quality while reducing processor usage by up to 85%. This enhanced performance builds on the benefits produced by H.264 hardware accelerated decoding introduced in Flash Player 10.1.

Style & Brand Your Player To Match Your Website

We added a wide range of ready-to-go colour templates enabling you to pick the right style player that best fits your website. If you wish to design your unique look & feel players, we made sure to provide all the options so you can do so.

Feature at a Glance

Stunning HD Video Playback – thanks to the hardware acceleration that Adobe Stage Video technology offers:

  • Fully Customizable – you can customize player branding, colors, size and behaviour

  • HD Live & VoD Delivery – HLS, RTMP and Progressive Download are the supported methods

  • Secured Streaming – token handshake authentication plus domain name restrictions that help preventing unauthorized viewers from downloading your video content

  • Auto reconnect – automatically resume after loss of connectivity when it comes to live streaming

Ready To Start Using The New Player? Let's Go Then … Just watch the video below


Frequently Asked Questions

Is the new player free?

Yes, the new player is available to all StreamingVideoProvider accounts.

Is the new player compatible with mobile devices?

When using a mobile phone device the servers automatically detect the user's device and display a HTML5 player for your mobile. All of this done without needing to embed multiple players or codes.

Why should I change my old players to the new one?

Two reasons:
1) It provides smoother streaming and better quality playback experience, especially on the lower end processors by using the graphics card GPU instead of CPU.
2) It's much better looking player with ability to customise the play button and the timeline colours.

I've got previously embedded videos using the old player. How should I replace / upgrade them to the new player?

You'll have to generate new embed codes and replace the old ones with the new code. Unfortunately there is no central point where you can flip a button and replace the old players with the new ones.

Will the new player be added to the VideoApps Studio and the PPV?

Yes, the new player has been added as the default player option in the VideoApps Studio and also handles the access restrictions ( Pay-Per-View, Password Protection, Fill-In Form ….) in it.

I am a new customer. What should I do?

Create your free trial account here and follow the e-mail instructions that will be sent to you upon registration.

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