Custom SMTP Settings For Pay-Per-View Emails

Send customizable "Thank You" email after a Pay-Per-View purchase

Viewers Settings

StreamingVideoProvider now gives you the ability to send the "Thank You" email that your clients get after a Pay-Per-View purchase directly from your own email address.

  1. To send the emails directly from your own email address please go to "Static Pages".
  2. Then select "Thank You Email Setup".
  3. Now select the "Custom SMTP Settings" radio button and click on the "SMTP button to start the setup".
  4. You will be presented with the SMTP email server settings that have to be filled in. These are Server URL, Server Port, Username and password.
  5. Once completed simply click on the "Check Connection" button to verify that your email settings are working.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use custom SMTP settings for Pay-Per-View emails?

The custom SMTP settings allow you to send the Thank You emails directly from your email system rather than through the StreamingVideoProvider system. This is recommended as it will ensure that most Thank You emails will arrive at their destination due to the much lower risk of the emails being automatically marked as Spam emails from the recipient's email server.

Can I set up multiple custom email systems at once?

No, currently only one custom email system can be used at one time.
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