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For Internet Service Providers, the greatest challenge is to constantly reinvent their skills to catch up with the latest technologies. No sooner have they mastered their skills in one area, that another one emerges. Making this even tougher for these service providers is the fact that customers these days are truly knowledgeable and up-to-date on technology facts. They no longer wait for service providers to give them ideas, but have their own clear notions about what they want! What do service providers like web designers, developers, hosting companies, video production houses do in such situations? Do they upgrade, acquire, partner or pass on?

Take the example of how websites have evolved over the last few years. A few years ago, a plain vanilla website was enough for customers as it provided them with an online presence. Basic html, maybe a few pictures and they were all set to roll out. But that phase quickly disappeared with websites becoming powerhouses whose potential, unlike offline media, had the capability to get global visibility easily. This set of the `mad SEO’ phase with everyone rushing to rewrite content to ensure that they have a good page rank, as though their very lives depended on it. Multimedia quickly followed with Flash banners following suit.

What has, however, been a bit slow in following is video enabled websites. The reasons are rather obvious. No one doubts the power of videos in engaging users or holding the attention of visitors. Having said that, video enabling is a completely different ball game! First of all, to have video enabledwebsites which demonstrate accelerated performance at peak times, the network needs to be powerful. To ensure this, service providers have to factor in server cost investment or hefty expenses related to hiring a CDN provider.Technical knowhow and cost factorsare additional challenges.

Overcoming the mindset and the barriers, video streaming platforms, offer these service providers the opportunity to actually match their end customer expectations by offering video enabled web presences and that too without needing to invest in their own technology and infrastructure. Though these partnerships can be called third party relationships, some platforms, like StreamingVideoProvider offer a white label video solution which means that service providers can offer video capabilities to their end customers as their own solutions. StreamingVideoProvider’s affiliate program offers a hefty 15% commission for referral conversions!

Affiliate relationships are all about partnerships where the skill of one becomes the advantage of another. Akin to a team sport where different skilled people join together to win a match, affiliate relationships break barriers and provide `no catch’ earning opportunities.

Two popular affiliate programs are:

  • Reseller Video program, where the service provider offers self-publishing services to their clients via their own whitelabel online video platform.

  • Affiliate Video program where the service provider earns a referral monthly commission.

Partnering in such ways and combining resources, intelligence and skills makes smart business sense where everyone gets to work, share and earn in a collaborative manner.

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