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Video Predictions

Based on my experience, I know for sure that this trend will continue into the coming year, too.

The last few years have seen the online video space grow voluminously but that growth was triggered by consumer entertainment (YouTube?). I believe that in 2011, enterprises too will see value in including videos to their online presences. Some of them have tried their hand at having a short corporate video on their websites but the response to this has been tepid. But that’s in the past! With the technology for publishing videos becoming even simpler than hosting a website, I believe that enterprises will look at newer and more innovative ways to use online videos. These could be live telecasts of CEO speeches, shareholder meetings or messaging to attract talent.

I also believe that technology is one of the factors that will trigger an increase in online video market growth. For example, HTML5 video players and flash-enabled devices and applications, will trigger video consumption on mobile devices. So too, HD! HD videos made a shy entry in 2010. I believe that in 2011, HD will take on a bolder and more flamboyant image as demand increases for high definition content. HD, I believe, will be the biggest trigger point for increase in online video market expansion in 2011.

People share photos through social media sites. In the year to come, as online video platforms simplify uploading of videos, there is going to be more video sharing activity on these sites. This will be another growth trigger factor, in my opinion.

To summarize, I strongly believe that videos will define the future for online revenue generation as clearer monetization opportunities emerge, based on the simple principle of where there is demand, there is supply - supply at a price!

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