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Easy, affordable & secure live streaming video services. Stream live from your pc or professional camcorder to any PC or mobile device running Flash, iOS or Android.

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You can now stream live video events such as weddings, corporate events, concerts - all from your own website. Learn how to stream live video by using our streaming video platform.

As the most cost effective and user friendly solution available today, the StreamingVideoProvider platform is the leading broadcasting platform that lets anyone with an internet connection and a camera to broadcast live their events to their own viewers, wherever they are.


We provide all the tools and features as part of the package so you can be up and running within minutes.

  • Embedded Video Player

    Embedded Video Player

    An embedded player is a player that can be placed directly on your web page. The video can played directly from the page. - Read More

  • Video Playlist

    Video Playlists

    Create and customise your own TV Channel today Easy to use and maintain. Great experience for your viewers. - Read More

  • Pay-Per-View Playlist

    Pay-Per-View Video Software

    You can now use our new & affordable PPV Playlist module to get paid when someone wants to watch your video content. - Read More

  • Webcast Layouts

    Webcast with Slides

    Syncing your webcast slides with the playback of the video could not be easier. You can link your presentation slides by uploading them from your computer into your account.... - Read More

  • Video Privacy & Security

    Private Secure Video Streaming

    No Ads. No video sharing with other users. Domain name restrictions and password protection.

  • Broadcast Live Instantly

    How to stream live video

    Simply connect your webcam or enable your live encoder and click Start Broadcasting. It is as simple as that! - Read More

  • HD Streaming to Unlimited Viewers

    Video Hosing and Live Streaming Service

    Thanks to our super fast & scalable CDN infrastructure, you can stream to unlimited audience. - Read More

  • Your Brand Everywhere

    White-Label Video Hosting

    We offer white label options and fully customizable publishing tools so our resellers and corporate users can enjoy working with us.

  • Scheduling

    Schedule Video Playlist

    You can start broadcasting immediately or schedule to start and stop at a specific date and time. Ideal for users who would like to schedule the broadcasts in advance. - Read More

  • Earn Money Out Of Your Content

    Pay-Per-View Video Streaming

    Use our off-the shelve Pay-Per-View and Subscription base solutions to set ticket price per each video or global access all of them, link it to your PayPal account and start making money immediately. - Read More

  • Nothing to Download

    Easy live streaming platform

    The software is offered as service (SaaS) and you gain instant access to your control panel. - Read More

  • Support Options

    Contact StreamingVideoProvider

    SVP offers extensive FAQs, User Guides to help support you along with telephone and email support.
    UK +44(0)845 867 4819 | USA +1.877.597.3836 - Read More

  • API Access

    Video API

    Leverage the power of the SVP video platform and add its functionality to your website or web application. - Read More

Live Video Streaming / Live Video Broadcasting FAQ

  • Q: I want to start broadcasting live now. What should I do?

    A: Login to your SVP control panel and go to "My Panel" > New Live Broadcast. Customise and embed the player on your website using the available player generators and then go to Broadcast Now - read more

  • Q: What software or hardware do I need to start my live streaming?

    A: You can stream directly from your webcam or using live video encoder - read more

  • Q: How much does the live streaming solution cost?

    A: You must have at least Business or larger service plan in order to use the live streaming feature. Business service plan currently cost £49 / €58 / $75 and gives you 6,000 Streams. 6000 Streams allows 6000 viewers to watch up to 10 minutes of your live broadcast or 1000 viewers to watch 1 hour of your broadcast or 41 viewers to watch 24 hours of constant streaming. Read more streams and how the billing system works

  • Q: How do I stream live using the EzeCaster Pro - live streaming video encoder

    A: Read here how to stream live video using EzeCaster Pro - live streaming video encoder

  • Q: How do I stream live with Flash Media Live Encoder (FMLE)?

    A: Read here how to stream live video using FMLE (Flash Media Live Encoder) >>

  • Q: How do I stream live using Wirecast?

    A: Read here how to stream live video using Wirecast >>

  • Q: Is the live streaming compatible with Iphones/Ipads?

    A: Yes if the following requirements are met - read more

  • Q: What is the difference between live streaming and on-demand streaming?

    A: Live streaming means taking the video from live sources such as webcams, camcorders, dvd players etc. and broadcasting it live over the Internet to your audience/viewers. If the viewer misses the broadcast the only way to see it is if the publisher provides on-demand streaming.

On-demand streaming means that the publisher needs to upload a pre-recorded video ( for example recorded taken during a live event ) and then stream it to the viewers who can watch the video 24/7 over and over again

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