Getting Started with Live Streaming

1)  Login to your SVP control panel and go to "My Panel"

2)  Choose one of the sections where you'd like to upload the new video to:   Single Videos | Video Playlist 

3)  Click on New Live Broadcast  (or "Add New Live Broadcast" if you have selected a Playlists option)

4) Customise & embed the player by copy/paste the embed code on your website or blog.

5) Open the Broadcast Panel ( if you are under My Panel click on [Broadcast Now])

6)  Choose live source:  LIVE ENCODER or WEBCAM   ( Live Encoder is recommended )

Make a note of your RTMP URL and RTMP Stream: ( they are static and do not change)

Then click on Learn How to Broadcast with Flash Media Live Encoder or Wirecast

To stream from webcam simply follow the instructions on the screen and press Start Broadcasting 

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