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Pay Per View – Custom Payment Solution

There are a few simple steps that have to be followed in order to integrate and use a custom payment solution with your pay per view videos:

1. Activate "Custom Payment Solution" in "Payment Gateway Settings" screen in your account (Login > My Panel -> > Payment Gateway Settings - see image).

2. Enable the  "Custom Payment Solution" payment processor - see image

3. Enter the REDIRECT URL - see image
This is where your custom developed payment solution is located. Your viewers will be redirected to this URL if they have decided to use that payment method. All enabled payment methods will be listed in the Page Before Payment screen - see image

3. Handle input parameters after viewer's redirection. The redirect is done via HTTP POST method. There are several parameters attached in the body of the request:

Order key generated by our system. This key is required for order confirmation by Developer API.
Name of purchased ticket. This parameter has displaying purpose.
Amount of purchased ticket. This is the price that viewer must pay.
Currency code of purchased ticket. Format of currency code is referred to ISO 4217 standard.
After successful completion of order, your viewer must be redirected back to our system via this "return" URL. This should be done after order confirmation through Developer API. Success message will appear and viewer will be able to watch the video.
In case of refusal, viewer must be redirected back to our system via this "cancel" URL. Cancel message will appear and tickets will be shown again.

4. Store input parameters in Session or DataBase in order for them to be available for later use.

5. Complete the payment process with your custom payment solution. Redirect viewer back to our system via "cancel" URL parameter in case of refusal.

6. Confirm PPV order in our system. This must be done via Developer API. For further information take a look at service 38. svp_confirm_ppv_order in API documentation (

7. Redirect viewers back to our system via "return" URL parameter.
Full example with handling input parameters and API confirmation could be found in our API examples. You can download the examples from

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